The Faroe Islands and Norway Children’s Ministry


Great Start

Two different Christian school’s where the presence of God was strong and pupils were held spellbound even the second school where it was last lesson on Friday. The Sunday family service where it was the feedback that was most exciting. More than ever before shared and each had something different that God had challenged them about from the same message, that’s God. The weekend didn’t conclude until I left for the coach on Monday after several one on one ministry and prayer sessions with people needing help.

Fruit That Lasts

Norway Children's Ministry

En-route to the annual church camp I called in overnight with friends in Haugesund. I was reminded of my youngest ever interpreter. He was eleven years old and made the mistake of saying to me he would love to be my interpreter one day. A few hours later my interpreter announced he couldn’t be there that night and so much earlier than he expected the boy was interpreting. The meeting was around the camp fire and he stood there wearing an oversized track suit and black lines on both cheeks where he had whipped dirty hands and doing a great job. Today he is worship leader in a local church in town.

Different Children & Youth

The camp was brilliant, we had fifteen children and fifteen young teens for the weekend. The two age groups had separate meetings so it was a busy but so exciting because God was at work. Norwegian youngsters are very strong willed so you can at times have some battles with some. Last year we had some minor battles but this time they came in and sat exactly where I wanted them too even the new ones. They were completely quiet and still the whole time and when it came to responses at the end most came out every time. We had a group of about five young teens who migrated to the back row. They were no trouble but I watched them when I made appeals and they had a code between them and it was everyone or no one, sadly it worked out in the negative. But the rest of the group were up and out every time.

Excited Mothers

Mothers shared lots of feedback about how their youngsters were so excited they were going to them after the meetings and sharing what was happening in them. They did the same with words God gave for many of them and I felt they were exciting words too. Mothers shared things like this confirms earlier words over them or confirms what they see in their child. This was so special, so often parents have to come to me to ask what is happening with theirs in the meetings because they don’t tell parents anything. Two days after camp we had a call from a mother saying her sons had been telling their non-church friends at school about the camp and some have said they want to come next year. It will be great if they do come but even if not it is a big thing for those boy’s to be sharing like this with their friends.

A Deviation From The Norm For Norway

faroe islands ministryI had the honour of flying to the Faroe Islands and the fifty fifth country that I have ministered to children in, in forty six years of ministry. Faroe is a cluster of eighteen volcanic islands shaped roughly like an arrow head midway between Norway and Iceland in the North Atlantic Gulf Stream. A population of just under fifty thousand and almost as many sheep, all grass mountains, no trees and the main industry is fishing. Two special bonuses for me, my friends of many years from Norway, Otto and Ingunn Benjamison joined me as we hopped over islands by tunnel and ferry to the third island of Sandoy where we ministered. Second, Eivind the husband of the couple who invited us there who is also the father of five children. He attended camps in Bergen in my early visits and he was nine, ten years old then, now I was working with him, such a thrill and honour for me. We were in a lovely little fishing village where two churches were involved, one came across from the main island and stayed on a campsite for the weekend to be in the meetings.

The Spirit Was Moving

We had roughly fifteen children up to thirteen years and twenty older teens. The locals had soaked the whole thing in much prayer and God more than answered. The children particularly were so hungry, open and responsive, they soaked up every word so praying for them it was easy they just came straight through. When they came to repentance and dealing with habitual sin everyone literally experienced the presence of God touch them and with tongues I didn’t need to give extra help to anyone they all instantly came through. On Sunday in a very packed family service they were all singing in tongues during the worship, that doesn’t usually happen. God began giving prophetic words for children in the first meeting which was only introductory, that rarely happens when I am on a first ever visit to a church, usually its towards the end. Also in the family service four children together were the ministry team praying for everyone who responded. I wasn’t missing out on that and afterwards we all said that we literally felt the Holy Spirit flowing out through their hands as they laid them on us and prayed. The final thing in the service which I felt was very significant, the pastor called the four children onto the platform got down on his knees and had them pray for him.

Out Of The Mouths Of Babes

Our host’s eldest son aged eight said to his mother on Sunday “mum you try really hard to teach us about God and you do a good job but I never realised before that I could get so close to God in one weekend”. Later on skype he told a friend that when he first spoke in tongues he found himself swaying from side to side and felt a bit light headed but not faint, (drunk in the spirit). I felt right from the beginning that God was definitely raising up a great and mighty army there on that island. The boy above, Isaac is being raised up as one of the key figures for what God is doing and going to do. He has a very powerful anointing on him and strong call from God. Plus his closest friend, they are like joined at the hip when they are together, he is from the other island and spiritually they are like a twin brother’s. I believe that God has plans for them beyond just friendship and they will be a mighty powerful force for God together.

The icing on the cake, when we left for the ferry at 20.00 which was after dark some of the children walked themselves to us to say goodbye and give us hugs. (It is a very safe place to bring up children)

The Older Youth

They were more held back (not such simple childlike faith) but those who did respond God met. With this group it was the feedback later that showed how much God had really done. Youth saying how God had opened their eyes to things, revealed what their continued sin was doing to Jesus, showed them wrong directions they were going etc. Three came round late one night with a card letter and gift where they opened their hearts sharing how the weekend had impacted their lives, that act said it all!

Much love…



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