Ministry to Children in London, then on to the USA


Ministry to Children – Preaching the Gospel

It Began In London

With the annual summer camp follow- up which has been moved from December to now. Being the end of half term holiday we were able to have a whole day together on the Friday. A fantastic time was had by all where almost every child in the age group came. They were so hungry and open that they listened intently including a four-year-old and almost everyone was out every meeting for prayer. Two of the teenage girls who have come up through the camps came to help on the ministry team. A lot of fun was had too and everyone left rejoicing and feed back later from parents was encouraging. Saturday was their annual party to keep children from the evils of halloween, a lot of children came, had fun and I was able to give a short gospel type message. Sunday the message I was asked to give was “obeying parents” so the children and young teens were put together so they all got the message and the teens could pray for the children who, yes wanted to get this right.

Young Leadership Training

Children Ministry

Children Ministry

On to Indiana for a week of what turned out to be leadership training. In the past numbers have been large, on the one hand times have sadly changed but on the other God sent those He wanted. This was three families of siblings all with Christian back up at home and totaling seven, the biblical number. The message series God had given me beforehand was the raising up of Moses the leader. They responded just like those in London so as they store up and continue on these next year’s something mighty and powerful can come out of this little group. Andy and Ethan are part of the group, and as you know are already being training in ministry. Among other things as in the summer together they enthusiastically did the preaching and all the one on one ministry in the Sunday family service. The pastor commented to me later, Ethan doesn’t need to stand up and rant, rave and shout to get people to listen. When he preaches he has an air of authority and leadership with humility and so people just listen and he is only twelve years old. What ministry is to follow?

God’s Individual Caring

Every visit God seems to give us one very needy child who He wants to touch, they come every night after we meet them and their lives are turned around. This time it was eight year Wyatt who we met at the Good News Club. A boy who carried on his face the pain of his parents break up and subsequent moving out of the family home five days before. It was wonderful to see the other children band around him and take him under their wing. The first night he wanted prayer but couldn’t get to his feet so one of the boys brought me to him. He was up by himself every night for prayer after that and his face changed from pain to joy.

The Good News Club

I had the blessing of speaking at the Good News Club after classes in the local State elementary school. Fifty-two children came, this year is the first time they have outgrown the classroom they used to use and have had to move into the dining hall. Sixteen responded for salvation at the end including Wyatt.

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