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What God Has in Store for Children Internationally in 2016


This year of 2015 we faced a big challenge that God has brought us through and now I have a real excitement about something new coming in 2016.

To highlight a few places that I travel to internationally each year for Children’s Ministry ~


My first ten years of ministry there were sensational and today there are many children who I still have contact with who were in those camps and today are scattered to a number of nations in full time ministry. Since then has been a time of just jogging on an even level but this year I sense a new beginning. A taking off and going beyond those early years and I sense that God will do it in a different way.


I feel that the ministry in the slum school will deepen and ministries will be raised up in the children while the children’s cell groups in different slum areas will be equipped to go and be evangelists.


I feel is going to be a time of healing from the pain, loss and fear from the earthquake.


Japan as always been a slow small step by small step each year, 2015 a new thing for Japan began and this year I feel we will take off from there and see a big breakthrough.


2015 continued with the boys in the Orphanage I minister in regularly  having to hold back and really think through whether they could let go fully to God. 2016 is a big step forward for the orphanage leaders as they have become willing to let the boy’s take a week off from school to have the meetings, up to now I have only been let go there during school holidays. I feel that the two things together signal a big breakthrough in the boy’s lives and they will cross the line and let go and let God have their whole lives.

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