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Children’s Ministry in Australia

The Young Ministry Team (Renamed The Young Leadership Team)

They are now all 13 – 17 year olds and most have been with me from the very first conference when they were children receiving and worked with me since we first began a young team. They have proved themselves in their walk with God, their example to others, willingness to serve and youngsters of integrity and I am very proud of them.

God Pushed Them Out Of The Boat More

They prayed for people as the Lord leads them and I watched and every time they would put their hands on someone wait in silence or speak in tongues then pray. Adults said what comes out of their mouths is so of God they have no idea of the details of the need but pray those details. Sunday I always speak in the host church in the morning and another local church in the evening and use the team. This year I felt they were to preach at both not me. They all individually prepared mini messages and as God was in this everyone fitted together making one message then they prayed for those responding. God added more responsibility to their ministering which they rose too without batting an eyelid. In the morning they also prayed for all the parents and grandparents who are actively involved with their grandchildren. The evening they prayed for their pastor who was speaking at a conference the next week on the mainland and also the pastor and leaders of the church we were in.

The Children’s Conference Grows

We had over thirty children and teens at its height, the biggest number and a lot were new. They were off from the word go, most responded for salvation, assurance or new commitment. The pastor told me that of the salvation and assurance ones most came from strong Christian families so they had really searched their hearts saw their need and wanted out of it. Later eight or ten were filled and spoke in tongues and their faces were a picture. The final session God took over and I put aside my message as a whole load of children shared scriptures from God on the same theme. They were speaking about feelings of guilt from, past failures, sin and mistakes and God saying it’s okay I can set you free and you can walk with me. At the end a long line stood at the front for the young leaders to pray and share with.

Touched By An Angel!!!!!

The newest member of the young leadership team gave me a card at the end and words in the last line touched my heart. It said “Thank you for giving me more confidence and for believing in me”. God knows that, that kind of feedback is special.

Children's Ministry in Australia - David Abbott

Hobart Conference Launched

Fifteen children and young teens gathered in my friend’s home for the first children conference there. They were open and very hungry eagerly responding every time to sort out their lives and set their hearts to follow him. One meeting the presence of God was strong during the worship, increased during the message and was electric when they were being prayed for so they didn’t need to say anything their faces shewed it all. Later everyone was filled and only one didn’t speak in tongues, then they were singing in tongues in the next session.

God Woke Me To Share Some Of His Plan

He gave me what He wanted for the conclusion of the final meeting, different to what I had but His plans are always best. He also said He wanted two boys, interestingly called Joshua & Caleb to pray for responders. God starting a young ministry team earlier than I would, but He is in charge.

“God Moves The Pieces Around The Board”, Achieving His Plan.

David Abbott Children's Ministry in AustraliaWhen I asked the boys they were nervous but willing, then unknown to me, Caleb said I have to go home before that meeting but please, please talk to my dad. Dad said “if God wants Caleb here then he has to be here, but his three siblings will come home”.

When he came to go he said “I don’t think I can face the problems if I take some home they can all stay” and the end is not yet.

Joey’s Testimony (Why God Wanted Him To Stay As Well)

Joey is Caleb’s younger brother and has always had a fear of crowds and would cling to his mum or dad if he was in one. The first day he didn’t want to attend at all but mum said she would stay with him. He was glued to her but she watched his responses and if he put his hand up she went out with him and stayed with him while he was prayed with etc. She was determined he was going to get what God had for him and God rewarded her that so at the end of the conference she was jumping, bouncing and dancing around the room with excitement. Joey was one who came through straight away into tongues, his face was radiant and he got more than the Holy Spirit. When his parents left they expected him to refuse to stay but in fact he said no I want to stay. During the meeting he was completely secure and happy without mum there and in that final meeting for the first time he was entering into worship and he was the first one out and on his knees before the cross and minutes before anyone else joined him. God gave me a word for him and he came immediately and stood on his own in front of the crowd to receive it. After the meeting finished he was playing, laughing and having fun with the other children not bothered so when mum came back, hence her elated reaction. Joey didn’t have counselling and prayer for his fear, God did it Himself. I am not decrying or putting down counselling and praying in such cases but far better when God does it himself without us.

God Brought Who He Wanted

The third conference continued like the other two. We had nineteen children from at least three different churches. The average age of the children was younger than the other conferences but the rapt attention and stillness was the same.

children ministry to the nations - David AbbottA five-year-old girl who got in by default but she held her own in everything just like the older ones so all I can say is that she was out for salvation and then again to be filled and there is no doubt she was speaking in tongues. But then when her father was young we were running the big week long camps under canvas and he was in those meetings well under age as his mother was one of the leaders.

Two were brought by their grandmother who I had met and prayed for quite a few years ago she told me when I went to her church to talk about my work and vision. Now when she heard about the conference was determined that her grandchildren were not missing out.

Another grandmother brought two of her grandchildren, they have a Christian father and unsaved mother and they are not used to going to meetings as their father to drag them to church if they went. They came with grandma and on the way home asked if they could come to the final meeting on Sunday so their dad took them. Afterwards they told their dad they wanted to go to that church every Sunday.

A twelve-year-old mentally disabled boy came and the only time he was quiet and still at all was during the teaching and when he came out for prayer which had to be the Holy Spirit quieting his heart.

Much Love…



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