Children’s Missionary Work in Luxembourg & Jakarta


Luxembourg Report of Children’s Ministry

It was a fantastic time and carried on in the same blessing seen in Australia and the raising up of the army of God. There we had the swop over of children I have worked with who are now youth and the new children’s group coming up. The first meeting was with the youth and a mixture of ones I know and those new to the church since I was last there. Jordie, one of the spiritual stars and one who always has had a heart after God keenly following Him led the way. Immediately after I shared she shared a prophesy and then a short while later another. Others followed and every word fitted together as one expects when God is at work and the youth leader confirmed the word. But God hadn’t finished a girl came at the close and said she had, had a word on her heart the whole time and it wouldn’t go away and now it was still there. No one should miss out so we stopped the free time for her to share.

Young man receives Jesus as his Lord

Then Sunday in the family service probably the biggest crowd of children and youth I have seen in a while came to the front to pray for the adults who responded. Finally, in the afternoon ministering to the nine to twelve year olds, four boys responded for salvation. I hadn’t on this occasion intended to make an invitation, but during a time of question and answer one boy particularly kept asking about salvation, how to receive Jesus, and do you feel anything, etc. It was very clear to all that God was stirring his heart and he was ready to receive so the leader asked was he saying he wanted to receive for himself, to which he said yes. Three others joined him, all prayed sincerely from their hearts the sinner’s prayer and their faces told the results afterwards. The mother of two of the boys, one being the boy who asked all the questions, was in tears as she heard and saw what her boys did.

David Abbott Children's Ministry with children and workers

Indonesia Report: The School

It continued on in Indonesia where I had three days ministering in my regular Christian school. It’s hidden away in the middle of a slum on the outskirts of Jakarta with only little foot paths winding between the little huts the people live in, to get to it. They give me the whole morning everyday with two teaching sessions split by a fifteen-minute break and a different age group each day. This is my third year with them and the children love it. They are so hungry – most are back sitting ready to start long before the break is up. Some just run out to use the toilet and are back in again.

Indonesia childrens ministry - David Abbott

Salvation is of the Lord for these young ones

Day one was the younger ones where some were new this year and many responded freely for salvation. Day two were ones I was having my second year with so they are a little way on in their walk with God and becoming more aware of Him and more responsive. They think more about what they are doing before they respond but by the time we pray most are on their feet to let go of whatever and move on in their walk with Him. Day three was fantastic, for these it’s their third year and they are amazing. They soak up the word and for them their school morning is longer so I get more time with them, but they don’t tire of hearing. When we came to the invitation for prayer they were all instantly on their feet almost on-mass. It was thrilling to see, it looked almost as if they all had strings attached to them and someone above pulled all the strings at the same time. They don’t move a muscle while they waited to be prayed for they stand dead still, eyes closed and never tried opening them. Their hands were together in front of them and some you can see they are praying for themselves while they waited. This year they had to wait longer as we had a smaller young people’s team from Japan because of the timing of the trip.

God moving in the Children’s Cell

Cell group for children seeking God - David Abbott missionary

The children’s cell group on the opposite side of the city to the school in a slum which is not as poor as the school one but still poor. Fifteen children gathered of which most had had afternoon school up to an hour before the meeting. Last year they were filled with the Holy Spirit and this they committed themselves to work at trusting God and doing what He says. Everyone was on their feet for prayer and God gave me prophetic words for three of them concerning the call of God on their lives. On this occasion God gave me specific details of their calling for them and each one was different. One the smallest in size (but not in age) called Billy was so touched by the Holy Spirit as I prayed for him that he was swaying under my hand totally lost in God.

We give God the glory

As always, God alone gets the glory for what He is doing among the children of the nations. Your intercession for me is so much appreciated, and your support. As I have often said, support of children’s missionary work is like giving to the poorest of the poor, as they have nothing to give. Our reward awaits us in heaven for all we do in His name here on earth.

Thanks and much love,


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