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Haiti children's ministry- David AbbottMy trip to Haiti was shall we say somewhat different to what I am used too. A short, sharp, in – have as many meetings as possible –  and out again as the country is still not the safest place in the world for foreigners to be. They do now have a police force and the United Nations troops have almost gone. Ground officers in twos are armed with hand guns and others only go out in sixes with hard helmets and body armour with hand and machine guns. Haiti still has to be the poorest country I go to; Uganda is very poor but Kampala poor as it is, is like Times Square compared to Port-au-Prince. Many even main roads in the city have returned to their original dirt roads, rubbish piles up on city streets and eventually is burnt right there. There are no rules on the road, no road markings and no traffic lights its every man for himself doing whatever to get where ever he wants to go.

Amazing Ministry in Haiti

The ministry times were just like what has gone before in other countries so far (amazing) but was also a very sad when you look at the state of the country. We had two days in a Christian school with one hundred and twenty children sponsored from the USA to be there. Many responded for salvation but some others were quite a challenge too. When God began to move and He showed that they behaved that way because they had themselves been hurt and so their instinct now was to hurt others. We were able to begin to minister into their situations and leave the children and their teachers some goals to work towards.

Haiti ministry to children outside - David AbbottThe same nights we were in the host church at what they called days of children’s revival. Many children from the church came but this is the third world and so many adults related to the children and many who were not also attended. They were different to the school children and were beautifully quiet still and responsive so many responded each night for prayer for things to help them walk more closely to God.

4 Million in Tent City

The final day we were in a very special place, close to my heart. We were in a church the pastor we were working with planted right on the edge of tent city. This is a place where approximately 4,000,000 still displaced people from the earthquake six years ago are still living in the United Nation temporary relief tents. There are children there who have lost many relatives, some living with one or more parent, others with relatives and still more who have been taken in by caring families who have survived. Then the final group the saddest of all who are children who should still be dependent on adults in their lives to care for and protect them but they have no one so they are fending for themselves. Some were quite wild who came but there were two boys, who I guess where about ten to twelve years old and they really touched my heart. They were all over the place in the meeting doing all the wrong things but as we came towards the end and began to pray for the children they came out. When I finished praying they were standing one each side of me and gradually put their hand into one each of mine. From then on and this is the third world and the meeting went on a whole long time more, they stood dead still by me holding my hand and every time I looked at them they gave this huge smile. If I let, go of them for whatever reason as soon as my hand was free theirs was in it again. All they wanted was to know they were loved and accepted and have a friend and when they found it, it brought peace and calm into their troubled lives. Sadly, though this is the minute fraction of those who have such need in this one place, but I praise God that He gave me the privilege of helping even the few. So there it is, a sad situation but also a blessed one for some.

All of the above are reasons I have stayed the course with children’s ministry for over four decades.  Ministering among the poorest of the poor, who cannot repay with money, is what inspires me to continue.  I am repaid, however, with great rewards in heaven from the living God, who loves these little ones with the perfect, self-sacrificing love that comes only from Jesus Christ our Lord.  If you’d like to know more about our work, click the Contact tab.  Love to hear from you.

Much Love…


David Abbott ministry to Haiti - 25 hours away


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