God Moving in Japan & Malaysia


Well what can I say, I can no way find the words to express properly what God did on this trip to Japan, it was a heavenly experience. The main events were all in or around the city of Shizuoka, half way down the main island of Honshu.

Fruit That Lasts

At a day of fellowship and worship I met up with a missionary couple whose four children had been in my meetings and camps thirty years ago. They shared, today the four are all involved in their local churches and the two girls are missionaries in different African countries.

Record Breaking Numbers With No Advertising

May camp this year was the biggest with sixty five children, youth and a few adults who didn’t want to miss out come together without advertising and for some quite a distance. God brought those He wanted by word of mouth, friend telling friend and a number came to stay even though it wasn’t residential. The missionaries had fifteen sleeping on floors in their home, one set of parents who came the furthest put their camper van on the church car park to stay in so that their children could be there.

Spiritual Dry Sponges

Three long meetings per day, awesome worship times and a pin could be herd dropping during the teaching. Milestones in their lives reached; one, after teaching some effects of sin like fear, guilt and condemnation they flocked out for prayer and many tears were shed. Two, once again almost all knelt at the front on a hard floor to put their lives into God’s hands for Him to use as He wants. A big deal in Japan as the expectation on every young person is to go to university and then get an executive type job. God’s plans could be different!!

They Didn’t Want It To Stop

The church still has a bible study on a Saturday night, the one after the camp which I was speaking at the number of young people and children far outweighed the number of adults by a long way. They showed their hearts by their actions.

Orphanage In Malaysia (In and around KL)

David Abbott - Glad Tidings Malaysia ministry to childrenI arrived and straight into ministry for three days in an orphanage I have not been to before. It’s run by a large Anglican church and takes children from a slum up behind the building and currently is almost all boy’s from Indian backgrounds. Initially they gave me short and tight restrictions on time but after the first day doubled the time I could have. I felt what God wanted there was for me just to teach and be the love of God to them and the results proved it true. They changed so much by the end, to begin with they were very rigid and formal but soon they fought to sit by me and wanted to spend every bit of time they could with me. After meetings the boys would voluntarily sit in a group at my feet wanting to talk and share. Even some of the older boy’s had wet eyes when we said goodbye, why?
The staff consists of house mothers only and doing a brilliant job I might add but there are four girls and the rest are boys; no one visits them and they were desperate for male input.

Weekend One

Then began two, in quotes “out of this world long weekends with back to back meetings dodging between two churches” Glad Tidings (GT) A.O.G. and Dream Centre (DC), Spirit filled Methodist. Beginning Friday night with (GT) Holy Spirit meeting, where I had about thirty to forty 7 – 12 year olds. Last year they asked me to speak on Holy Spirit, this the gifts and in response twelve for the first time used the gifts. Because of the message they together brought ten were filled and almost all the rest stood for a new anointing of the Holy Spirit. Saturday morning in (DC) children’s leaders seminars and prep for the next Saturdays Children’s Holy Spirit Day. Afternoon, meeting for twenty special needs children with disabilities across the spectrum. During the preliminaries I was praying as literally several were bouncing off the walls. God stepped in and during my short teaching they were very still and extremely quiet. I prayed individually for them and most happily allowed me to put my hands on their heads. A few didn’t so I felt God say hold their hands and that they were happy with. One half way through my prayer put his head on my hands, I gently took one hand up and onto his head and he was happy for it then. Then back to (GT) for the first of three main services, one then and two Sunday morning. The two biggest meetings were Sunday morning but in all three large numbers responded and willingly went to the front for prayer. That’s a big thing for Malays as they by nature are very shy reserved children and will put their hands up but not go out, their leaders were very excited.

David Abbott -- Glad Tidings Malaysia ministry to children

Weekend Two

At GT with more children attending and a second opportunity to use the gifts. A bit hesitant to start but once under way ten shared, the message completely different to the previous week. A large number were again out for prayer. Saturday, the Children’s Holy Spirit Encounter day at DC with one hundred and fifty eight attending and God did beyond all we were thinking. After teaching on the gifts thirty three stepped out in visions, interpretations and prophecies which God gave one message through. The next session and twenty five shared gifts and a different message came. This and the next session large numbers wanted to be filled and because of the need God started a young ministry team of around twenty five (not in my plans). God gave me different scriptures for seven children about leadership then the ministry team prayed for them and had very specific words for them. The leaders had been wanting to see this kind of thing for several years.

Couple of Testimonies

Max last year when he was filled was seven, he took to heart me saying they needed to practice their tongue every day and God would give them more. His mother wondered why every day home from school into his room and shut the door. Sometimes he didn’t come out for an hour so after a week she was a bit concerned took a peek to find him on his knees speaking in tongues.

The senior pastor of the church told us on the way to the main service that two very excited girls ran up to him. One said they had shared a vision and the other had prayed for five children and they spoke in tongues. In his sermon he quoted a vision that one of the children had received during Encounter.

Final Thoughts

To God be the glory for all He has done through the ministry to children.  Without the adult leaders working hard with the volunteers in the churches, it wouldn’t be possible.  I am grateful to them, and to the Father who loves us so much.  And for those who pray for this ministry and those who support us, I am also very grateful. I pray that God repay you many times over for what you have sown into ministry to children.  Stand with me for God’s continued provision.

Much love…



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