Amazing Children’s Ministry in Mexico


Well God did it in Mexico too with an amazing outpouring of His spirit but He did it in a very different way than the previous countries. I would say that what we saw was a divine moving of God as so much of it was when He took over rather than what we did. I can honestly say that I don’t think I have ever seen anything like it before in my years of ministry. The meetings were long because the ministry after the teaching often lasting anything one to one and a half hours which neither we nor the children noticed the length. This along with the huge numbers of people crossing the bridge into the USA we had long waits at the immigration and hence not getting into bed until 1-1.30 am. At the weekend having two meetings a day we stayed over there all day so it was a busy time but so worth it all to see those precious children moving out under the power of the Holy Spirit.

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The meetings weren’t big, seventy was the biggest but most less, the children were all extremely poor and it was all new places so I majored on salvation, having a real experience with Jesus under the banner of them being raised up by God to be a great and mighty army (Huge number of children) He is raising up for Him. Those who will stand and be counted, stand for God and for righteousness and vessels He can use in these days.

He began in a small way and then…

God began in a small way in the first meeting and then rose higher and higher from there. The first was a last minute thing and was actually their normal prayer meeting with some children present and turned over to a regular meeting. But children responded and God gave me words for a couple and one was a God planned thing. The pastor of the last church we were in had a hand in setting up this one so he went with us to the meeting. But earlier in the day that pastor had the need to visit one of his leaders and during the conversation felt to say that often when parents faithfully serve God one or more of their children will receive a call from God. That night the couple decided to also go with us and took their youngest boy, at the end they sat in amazement as the first one God gave a word too was their son. From there we just saw into the heavenlies and I believe it was the children’s hunger to hear and receive that brought us into a very special move of the Holy Spirit. They were glued to every word like dry sponges at a desert oasis with big numbers responding for salvation or re-commitment etc. Then when we brought out those who God had a word for and after sharing the words and praying for them I would normally finish but this time God would take over. Tears began to flow first from those at the front then spread to the others, they just cried and cried often moving into deep sodding from their spirits which God showed us He was dealing with deep hurts and pain in their lives.


Mexicans told us that those we were working among are children who traditionally are starved of affection so what we saw next was a real breakthrough for them. Wet with tears they wanted to be hugged and then wouldn’t let go, when we went to let go they clung on even tighter, sometimes it was individual hugs others group hugs. Then it spread to parents coming up and reaching out to their children and having family hugging’s together. (Malachi 4v6 says, He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children and the children to their fathers) All this and we hadn’t said a single word but a number of meetings I left with my shirt wet with the tears of children.

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Sebastian reaching out to God in prayer…

One night the meeting was in a fairly newly planted church meeting in the pastor’s garage so it was fairly small. There God gave a word about a very strong anointing He had put upon Sebastian, a short eight or nine-year-old with a spiked Mohican haircut. While he was crying on me he was also drawing in long deep breaths as if he were sucking in as much of the Holy Spirit as he could. He then began drawing other children around him in little groups and they were crying on each other and Sebastian was laying his hands on different ones and praying for them. This God developed as we saw that adults were looking a bit bewildered by all this so we explained it was a divine moving of God and if they wanted they could come forward and experience it first-hand. As adults came the children led by Sebastian gathered around them one by one crying out to God and weeping over them and they didn’t just pray and go they were ages with each one. A very precious sight was when Sebastian’s mother came to the front and he led the other to pray and cry over her. This sort of thing had never happened in the church before and we never told him to do this we were just observers of what was happening. This was him led by the spirit of God, him responding by doing what God led him to do and others being blessed as a result. With a start like this one can’t begin to imagine what God has in store for him as he continues to walk with Jesus and live for Him. At the end, his face wasn’t just radiant but aglow.

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Sebastian praying for adults and children…

Looking at an overview now, I don’t think I have seen so many siblings in a series of meetings have words at the same time and in each case, I didn’t know they were siblings until afterward. One meeting the church is unique in that it only has children in it (this is only the second time I have been to such a church and both are in Mexico). The pastor told me that a brother and sister I had words for were the two he started the church with. In a roundabout way, he invited them to a meeting he had and they went and haven’t stopped. Still they are the only Christian in their family. This same church there was a word for the pastor’s son who told me afterward that this was the third time in different churches I had had a word for his son. I had no idea as God gives me things I deliver them then it goes out of my mind.

The final meeting in Mexico was powerful…

The final meeting in Mexico was the last great day of the feast without a doubt. It was under a canopy on some waste land opposite the church. Most there were church based children and as you would expect God had planned ahead for them. Among the messages God gave me for this trip, there was one which I tried to give a number of meetings before and God said no, here He said yes. Many responded to deal with things in their lives but when we came to giving words from God, He changed things.

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Parents and children in the love of God…

Among the five receiving were nine-year-old Diego, a boy who soaked up every word all the meeting through and one with a radiant face. God said he had a Joshua calling on his life which he was ecstatic about. Having shared and prayed for them God had already told me that those five should pray over the others. I invited those who wanted to be part of the great number of children God was raising up all over the world to be used by Him (part of my message) to come forward. Almost all did and so without prior warning or instruction, I set the five off to pray over each in the line individually with the laying on of hands. It took a long time as there were quite a few children in that meeting but the five prayed for each one for the same length and same enthusiasm. Diego was absolutely radiant at the end and he so wanted to say goodbye as we left that he stayed until after midnight when we finally left to do so.

So now I think you can see why the meetings were so long and so exciting, with the ministry of the children going on anything from one to one and a half hours. But when God moves as he did here no child is distracted or bored with so much time being needed. Even those not involved in the ministry, giving or receiving sat still and respectful through it all.

Much love,

PS- I am also seeking intercessors who will pray for our ministry and meetings.  Over my four decades of ministry, having people committed to pray and to hear from God have inspired me in the work with spot-on words and prophecies.  Let me know if you’re interested.


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