Norway and The Faroe Islands Ministry


Norway and The Faroe Islands certainly continued in what God is doing but also went from glory to glory. Starting with a bang at a church camp in Norway with children and youth who are hungry, open and love to be in meetings. They were in meeting as soon as the bell sounded, no arguments or attitude and didn’t care when we went over time they were there to meet with God.

The meetings were in two age groups and both you couldn’t fault the way they sat and soaked up every word. The children’s first invitation for prayer every one of the boys responded and the next almost all the boy’s and some girls. The youth’s their first session I found myself straying far from my notes into what seemed to be the prophetic so in the next break I went to my room and spent the time seeking God. He confirmed what I had thought and also that He wanted to continue, so I could only go and be obedient. The next meeting was the children’s one where all the boys responded which afterwards Andres the middle of three siblings whose parents are going through divorce, he asked me if he could also be in the youth meeting. I was happy but not sure he would be able to handle it the way God was moving. Not only did he handle it but it was clear that God put the desire in his heart because the message God was speaking specifically spoke to him. He came out for prayer with the youth where the invitation was for those who knew clearly that God was speaking about them. God gave me a word for him about a strong call on his life that He was going to confirm to him again in other ways because he had always as far back as he could remember felt God had something special for him. He and his mother who was sitting at the back in tears, confirmed this was so.


The youth were just gathering in the room for their final meeting when word came that one of the boys had, had an accident. A top doctor there from the church examined it and suspected a broken toe. Instantly the room emptied and us looking out of the window we saw this cloud of youth burst out of the door bare foot on wet gravel gather around the car the boy was in and prayed. Ten minutes later they were back in the room sitting attentively waiting to start. The hospital confirmed that there was nothing wrong, we believe he did have a broken toe and God healed it as the youth prayed. The boy is from a non-Christian home but told the pastor later that he desperately wants to go back next year.

God continued orchestrating His plan on our journey from camp on the car ferry. After boarding we went upstairs to the cafeteria for coffee and my friend was gone ages. The lady on duty that day was a lady from a church on another Island. Ten minutes later she came over to us, she had rung her husband and arranged for a gathering in her home of the children from their church later in the trip. That meeting was definitely a God thing and a double blessing to the mother who arranged it. There were six children of varying ages two were her son’s. Over the years I have spoken in many little house meetings like this in Norway and this one has to be one of the best. I had two sessions and their parents were there too and they were amazed at how quiet and still they sat paying full attention. One father cheerfully said they don’t do that for us. The second session four out of the six responded for prayer for assurance of salvation their hands going up instantly. After praying God gave me words for the oldest two. The lady who arranged it was so excited (double blessing), two who responded were her son’s, one who got a word was her eldest. After the meeting the youngest son (eight years old) went into the kitchen and said “that was great mum”. Went back into the sitting room got his blackboard and chalks and was drawing my stick men and giving a little message. His mother said that board was in the basement for years and never touched and the chalks had never been used.

In 2012 on the Island of Halsnoey we had a one off children’s meeting. Only a small number attended most from one family because grandma rounded up her grandchildren. One of the grandchildren God gave me a word for as he came in the door. I felt to keep it until the end, meantime observed a boy who intently listened to every word and responded for prayer. Afterwards his mother asked why her son was the only one I had a word for and I could only say because God only gave for him. She then told me that he didn’t want to go to the meeting so she said he should because God might just have something special to say to him, that was a word from God. His grandmother recently told my friend that, that word so impacted his life that he has never looked back since. Now as a mid-teenager he is the only Christian in his classes at school but he stands boldly for God in spite of the persecution he gets sometimes. There we see again that numbers don’t count with God, its people, its children that do.


This year the meetings on The Faroe Islands were on the main island in a bigger church with more children but organised by the same couple as last year. The weekend before the camp the couple’s eldest son Isak aged nine went and testified raising the excitement level of the children by sharing how last year’s camp had totally changed his life and how exciting it was speaking in tongues and being used in the gifts, the leaders became expectant too. So this year Isak and his closest friend Elias were the ministry team. It was a very busy time with ten meetings in one and two half days with fifty children divided into two groups for teaching, seven to ten and eleven to fifteen. God warned us ahead to watch out as the devil was not happy and the first meeting he struck. It was the only meeting where both age groups were together and some parents got upset while the children had no problem at all. Almost all responded for the need in these days to have real assurance of their salvation, so many I had to get help ministering to them as it was too many for the boy’s alone. Later many said they now really knew that Jesus was in them. God showed us how to deal with that, the next morning we had the whole team working there together, we prayed had an amazing worship time and then no more trouble.

Teaching on the Holy spirit many were filled in both groups, the younger group only a couple didn’t speak in tongues the older ones everyone did. The older group a girl was so tense she was stiff as a board so didn’t speak the moment she relaxed she was off. While a boy couldn’t because of his low self-esteem, a little talk and he just began to flow. As he left the meeting he walked over to me couldn’t speak a word of English but he gave me a huge smile and squeezed my arm, I believe that was his way of saying thank you. The final meeting, I spoke on giving their whole lives as an offering to God for Him to use as he wanted then tried several ways to dissuade both groups not to respond but they insisted on everyone responding. In the teens group I had hands up then down tried again to dissuade them but again everyone responded. As far as I can remember God gave words in every meeting and I don’t think I have ever had so much and the kind of feedback as I did this time. A father told us his teen son didn’t want to attend but dad said he would, after the first meeting he was the first to respond and God gave me a word for him, me knowing none of this beforehand. After that he told his dad I am fine now I want to go! After one meeting two said “that was the second time they had been given that exact word”. Another the leaders sat in floods of tears as the word God gave exactly described that child. The leader recording the words said she just had to send off immediately two words by SMS to their parents because they were so significant later the parents called back in tears. During a time in the presence of God I had a word for one and not wanting to disturb went unannounced to him to share it. Part of the word said to keep holding his hands out to receive more of God’s anointing. Two boys behind who were completely lost in God and so hungry, thought it was for them so immediately shot their hands out like rockets. I thought nothing more of it until next morning in the family service. I was giving my introduction and God pointed out the same three boys sitting in the same formation and said “now, emphasising the NOW (as I usually give individual words at the end) bring them up here I want to speak to them”. As God spoke the two faces were radiant and one had watery eyes, (these were young teens). I believe God was saying to them that He never leaves the hungry to go wanting or empty, they were still beaming when they left the church. God only knows His purpose in choosing to give those publicly.

The young teens final meeting was so special they just didn’t want the meeting to stop, we had worship which was awesome, I spoke and they all responded. As I prayed the presence of God filled that room even more and when I said the amen no one moved, they stood eyes closed hands held out. I needed to know from God what to do so they just stood in silence for ages. Then God led me to move among them giving words as He directed, still no one moved. God led me in several other ways, still they were totally lost. Eventually I felt I had to close though I get the feeling they would have gone on for hours more. Even then one I had a word for he just flopped down onto the edge of his seat hands still with palms up and eyes closed and stayed that way until the leader concluded and everyone slowly started to move.

As always, your support of this work touches my heart and His.  Thanks!

Much love ~ David


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