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Back in the USA 2016


Well here we are having just finished my final trip for this year and a different trip it was. The same moving of God we have seen all year was there but the outworking was different.

The US Presidential Election

I was in The USA for that, and one can only say it had to be God who put the winner in place as literally everything was against him. The reports are that Donald Trump has gathered many born-again Christians around him and his Vice-President. My feeling is that God is raising up the Vice-President as a Daniel in our time. Daniel in the Bible went into Babylon with a heart determined to serve His God in that land and that he did. I pray that this man will be prophetic and as Daniel was and that Donald Trump will be like kings in Babylon and listen to him. So, the day after the election God let the children show the way things need to go when in the Good News Club in the local State elementary school. Of the thirty-five present, nine responded for repentance and they were mainly the older ones and ones who were not there last year. A little child shall lead them!!!!


A Change In Atmosphere

In my host church, up to the election it had been a little tough going as the ones who came were mainly below the age I usually start with. Of the seven on the first day five were five years old and under, later we began to get more older ones and we reached fifteen over the week. This meant preparing anew as the series I had prepared was over the heads of the younger ones. After the election, the whole atmosphere changed and God began to move and yes in the little ones too. One night as we closed one of the leaders felt we should lay hands on everyone and pray a blessing over them. As we did, the disabled boy who came in the summer and was saved and filled with the Holy Spirit, had a face like a ray of sunshine. He was visibly soaking up every word of the prayer and speaking away in tongues. By the end of the week, the little ones had responded for salvation and made their first steps an older one was set free from not being able to see or feel how God could love him. Others made steps closer to God.

The Disciples Keep On Going

One young man was in the meetings with me all week and helping in ministry some though he is struggling a bit in some areas of his life. Another young man, unfortunately his family has had to move to a town two and a half hours away. His mother had to work on the Saturday so he was only able to join me in ministry for the Sunday morning service at the end of my visit there. He was right there on the ball ministry-wise as usual and he has proved God in his new school. He has made a number of good type friends in a short time. He also joined his school football team and despite the law there being separation of church and State, he asked the coach if they could gather around and pray before they started the match and the coach agreed for him to do it. He is not shy but not your most extroverted person either, which is very encouraging as he nailed his colours to the mast from the start in front of all his team mates.

God’s Time For The Christian School

The Christian School was an amazing week, it’s an outreach centre as not all pupils are from Christian families and the others are from all different denominations. This year for the first time I spent the whole week teaching in all classes every day and they have everyone from pre-school to the end of high school. Whenever I am there I am always given the freedom to make an invitation and pray for anyone, any time but I have never felt freedom from God to do so until this time. I felt this was God’s time and as the week proceeded that was certainly proved true. In every class, the majority responded for salvation or a heart clean up including the high schoolers. In fact, the high school teacher was excited that he didn’t have to give out a single demerit the whole week which is unheard of. The presence of God was there and they were captivated by Him and almost didn’t move a muscle. Many responded for other things in their lives and to commit themselves to wanting to go on walking with Jesus, despite the cost sometimes. A bonus this year was a lunch meeting with all the staff and time afterward to teach them how to lead the children spiritually in the school. The principal wanted everyone involved with the pupils to hear so she had all the volunteer helpers who are in at different times there, too. They are definitely a group of people called by God and they responded with such excitement and enthusiasm to all I shared. Later I had so much positive feedback about it and not one negative thing. The children there have great potential and opportunity to be the army God is raising up in that area.

In Conclusion

So, there you have it, what a year and I have only been able to share with you the bare bones of what God did everywhere and sometimes even that made the report long. Rock bottom, I am really lost for words to properly describe what God has done and is raising up. Next year is another year and God will be moving on to the next step, I am excited to see what that is and the fruit it produces. As always, your support of me in prayer, intercession, and trip expenses are the backbone to the ministry God has entrusted us with. You may not know, but I normally book a year in advance to get the best rates on travel. Sometimes that catches up with me at year-end, as I believe God to make up the difference. Many places I travel to are Third World countries, including orphanages. None of the churches are large, with large budgets, but none of that has ever mattered to me, as my calling is clear to GO and minister to children as needed. Thanks again, for your faithful support. My contact info is here>

Much love ~ David


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