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New Gisborne and Tasmania


Special To Me

The first, a family service in New Gisborne. The other concluding the children’s conference in Tamar Valley, Tasmania. They were special because the communion part of the services was led by young men who have come up through the children’s conferences as boy’s. Each preached a mini message before serving and both were bold, confident and had the anointing. Meshach in New Gisborne spoke on, Christians need to repent and left no one in doubt about its need. Meshach is in his early twenties and a missionary in Vietnam along with two other young men from the church Shaun and Nathan who came up through the early camps. In Tamar Valley Sam spoke on, what is communion leaving everyone knowing exactly what they were about to do. Sam is eighteen and an apprentice builder but I strongly feel that this will be (as Paul tells us) his tent making tool as Sam has a very strong and clear calling on his life. I feel it such an honour to have had a part in helping to equip those young men’s lives and their ministries.


Tamar Valley, Tasmania First Conference

There the leaders all said it was probably the best of the nine conferences we have had. The blessing was invoiced beforehand when we met one night with adult intercessors and another with the young leadership team. Both teams were on a roll before we started the conference. The young leaders just naturally carried on into the conference rolling upwards and onwards, excelling in everything they did. We ended the first meeting where one expects to finish the last with everyone at the front on their knees before God.
Continuing Zach’s ongoing testimony from previous reports. He’s now fourteen and told me that he so wanted to go on a mission trip with the church to the Philippines that he went out and got himself a part time job and saving every penny he gets for the trip. He has grown in confidence, before when he prayed for someone that person could barely hear him. This year all adults commented he was praying so loud anyone could hear.
We had twenty this year, smaller than before, but they had clearly been chosen by God. They were ready to go so it was common place for almost all or everyone to respond for prayer. Maureen the conference leader who’s a great indicator of God’s presence because she weeps especially when she sees God moving and children responding. She wept four times in one day, a record even for her.

A First Time

When children share things from God anywhere I usually need to put it altogether and show them the complete message. One meeting almost everyone had something to share and I was about to ask one to start when a different boy jumped up to share. Fine, he shared then I asked a girl to go next and she said ”no I want to go last”. Okay, so I just let them all share, when they finished, the message was complete and in the right order. The boy’s being the introduction and the girls the conclusion.
Sunday Double Blessing

The morning in the family service six children, including two visitors shared mini messages making one complete message then they prayed for those responding. That evening in another church only three of the young leaders could be with me. I felt God say I wasn’t to speak but the three would then everyone was to come out and all three together would pray individually for everyone. They gathered around one waited in silence until they heard from God prayed. I followed them listening and they were praying prophetic prayers over everyone, new step forward for them all.


Hobart Blessing

Twelve children there were from mixed churches and backgrounds but they all just carried on where they left off last year. Two boys new this year picked up and ran with the rest eager to catch up, only one other didn’t respond for prayer. The children brought the presence of God into the meetings with them and we saw gifting’s and ministries developing, a worshipper, a preacher etc. One young teen, Hamish had me emailed ahead to say he wanted to be baptised and would I baptise him. To ensure he knew what he was doing I took the first meeting to speak on baptism which resulted in the youngest there, Joy deciding she wanted to too. Hamish is one I had a prophetic word over in the family service three years ago. Hamish shouldn’t have been there as the family were away on holiday. But his friend who knew me told him about me so he told his parents he had to be in the meeting hence the family returned home early, so good when God is at work. He has the tape recording of the word I had for him and he transcribed it onto paper and it’s on the back of his bedroom door so that he can keep reading it. Last year at the conference he was filled now he wanted the next step. He insisted his girlfriend came to the conference and she loved it responding in every session. If the relationship continues they will make a lovely Christian couple and I think she will fit nicely into the call on his life. The baptisms were in the words of those who joined us on the beach, a very precious and special time. Then in God’s sense of humour it ended amusingly at my expense. Just as we got Joy’s head under the water a big wave came in and I was pushed off balance, I couldn’t right it so the next wave pushed me over and the third one went right over the top of me pushing me flat.


Scotsdale’s A Preacher Is Born

One meeting I overheard Jayden telling his cousin that he really felt God wanted him to preach and he had prepared half a message but needed someone to do the other. His face said this was a cry from the heart and I wasn’t missing that so the outcome was he preached on Sunday morning to everyone. He’s is a budding preacher, he quoted scripture with all his points, was confident, bold and his message flowed. Above all you could see he so enjoyed himself, at the end God gave me a word for him. After the service, we all went to a park for a picnic but first Jayden got a copy of the word I had for him went home and put it onto his tablet. He also asked the pastor if he could be more involved more in the church.

His Presence Was Awesome

On the mainland, the final conference was amazing. I was warned some could potentially cause problems, especially a seriously autistic child. God the peacemaker went before and a mark of this conference was the presence of God in every meeting and a stronger and more powerful presence in the final one. Every child was awesomely quiet, still, attentive and almost all were very responsive. For me there were five second generation children from three families, in each case, it was their fathers who were in my meetings when they were young.

The final meeting was a grand finale with God so strongly there then a new stronger awesomeness came with the challenge for prayer. It was a tough decision and those who did respond meant every step they were making. Four of those responding were second generation children and their parents were in raptures.

As always, your prayer and support make it all possible.  If you are an intercessor, please use this report to stand with me for continued spiritual growth.  And let me know what you’re sensing in the Spirit.

Much love — David


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