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Ministry in England, Luxembourg, Bolivia, and USA

A little globetrotting this trip in England, Luxembourg, Bolivia, and USA. Different cultures, backgrounds and circumstances but God worked the same in all. 


Beautiful Bolivia's Andes Mountains childrens ministry

A  look over Cochabamba to the foot hills of the Andes mountains.


God’s Love For Those In The Poor Inner City 

Beginning at Carroty Wood with new Life Church, London and a full camp of seventy-five adults, teens and children. They arrived Friday excited and left Sunday even more so. Officially it was a children’s camp with the others there as helpers but such was their hunger for God that all ages were responding for prayer. Wonderful to see different ages praying for one another as every time almost everyone responded. This included Friday night when they had been in school all day straight to a long coach journey arriving starving so were fed and the meeting didn’t start until eight o-clock. The praise and worship was led by young people who brought in the presence of God that came like a surfing wave rolling over everyone and they soaked it in. 

The programme included an early prayer meeting each morning which though it was voluntary practically every child was there. Day one quite a few didn’t feel they could pray out loud but after a day of receiving and being changed by God the second morning, I saw only two who didn’t pray. As leaders, we were blessed to have children coming outside of meetings telling us of things God was doing in their lives which we were not aware of.  

God’s Love For The Underprivileged 

James who I have known since he was a little boy shared his wonderful testimony of how he was saved at age seven in a camp. When James and his younger brother started going to the church they were quite wild but from when he got saved he hasn’t looked back only gone forward into more and more of God. James comes from a very sad and difficult home background, he lives on a typical inner-city council estate with his grandmother. He is a very quiet shy boy, at school he didn’t promote himself or miss behave so he was over looked. But not by God, different church members took him under their wing to give him extra tuition in subjects they are skilled in. He passed all his exams with very high grades and was accepted in a very good London university. He lives at home continues to attend the church regularly and he told me the first thing he did when he started in university was to get into the Christian union.  

God’s Love For The More Privileged 

A little hop then to Luxembourg for another camp, this time of twenty children and four teenage helpers. These children were generally from much better backgrounds than most of the first camp but their hearts and responses were the same as those less privileged. In some senses, they were like a mirror image. Friday night after the meeting finished I took all the ten-year olds upwards aside for ministry and they just soaked it up. Even when we had a minor interruption from outside they never lost any concentration and we just carried on as if nothing had happened. Saturday morning everyone put their hand up in secret then stood instantly for prayer. As I moved along and prayed for them you could feel their open-hearted receiving of what was being prayed for. (It’s a feeling that is almost impossible to describe but very real). I am told that these children are not used to having words given over them but in one discussion group I sat in on two asked if God would give them a prophetic word. Sure, enough God rose to their desires and the following morning as I was praying God gave me words for them. The icing on the cake was the final meeting on Sunday when every one of them responded to be filled with the Holy spirit and not only did everyone speak in tongues but from the first utterings they were speaking out so loud.  

God’s Love For Those From The Streets 

David Abbott children's ministry Bolivia 2017

Then a big hop, to Bolivia and ministry in the boy’s orphanage called “Arc de Jesus” and a church. The whole week in both was truly refreshing, so easy going like the Holy Spirit was hovering over everything. The orphanage the older ones responded to some things and were seriously thinking through and weighing up others. The children were open and responsive to everything. One meeting where they were unusually restless was the one that had the biggest single response with the most older ones included.  

Generally, the boys are a little slow to respond some taking a few days before they will because on the streets you lose all trust in people. Though a new seven-year-old in spite of starting life with a mother who first tried to get rid of him by feeding him rat poison when that didn’t work she put him out on the street, through the week he gained such a hunger for God.  I have been going there for eight years and there are some wonderful trophies of God’s changing grace in lives. One now young man in university, my first visit he didn’t respond until the last meeting and as I prayed for him he put his head on my shoulder and cried for ages. That was a huge thing because for a boy on the streets to cry is a sign of weakness. That broke something in him and every year since most times he is out for prayer for something. This year on the second day he said he was sorry he missed the first meeting as he had to sit his final exam but he was very nervous about his results so prayed together. Sunday after the service he said with a big beaming face he had passed every exam so far. Then Monday, I went to the home to say goodbye and his face shone again, he had been on a computer and got more results which again he had passed, only one result then he didn’t have. Next, he really touched my heart as he gave me a card he had painted himself and inside he desperately wanted to tell me himself (not through the interpreter) what God had done in him in the meetings. He can’t speak English so he went to the effort to go university used a translation programme so that he could write in the card in English. 

God’s Love For The Very Poor 

David Abbott child dedication Bolivia 2017

In the church for the last three years, I have been blessed by dedicating babies. This year’s was half Brazilian but the previous two have been children of boys I have known in the home and now married. The first one he waited almost a year after his daughter was born for me to dedicate her. Now she is a very pretty, four-year-old who loves to stand in the aisle during worship and copy the movements of the church dance group. This time I had the privilege of praying over one from the home and his fiancé who will be married now. A first, I was asked to share a short word with the church worship group before their practice. It was special as the keyboard player is the boy a few years ago who waited in hope for three years for God to give me a word for him. The next year he was fulfilling that word playing keyboard but having had no piano lessons before. He’s a youth now and even though playing like a professional on Sunday as I waited to preach God gave me a further word for him that he is about to move into a new higher realm in his ministry. (I believe prophetic playing) His face beamed as I shared it and he wouldn’t let me go as he hugged me afterward. After that service, the pastor said that he has never seen literally everyone so very quiet and attentive, even the tiny tots and adults who normally are easily distracted weren’t, such was the presence of God there. The evening meeting ended emotionally as many were out for prayer for feelings of hopelessness or feeling they were only doing ordinary dumb things, many shed tears as the pastor and I prayed for them. 

God’s Love For The Hurting 

A hop up to Indiana, USA where we had an amazing week where God was ministering to very sad and hurting children. The devil didn’t like it so he had a lot of negative things going on in the background. The biggest number we had on any one night was twelve. Of those, a few were regulars, a couple new, the rest ones who had been in the past and were eager for God and now God drew them back again to further work in their lives. Enjoy the testimonies below. 

Andy, one training for the ministry he made big strides forward. When he was young his mother was in prison and if no one was around he would sit by me and open his heart sharing what he was thinking and feeling, he hit teenage years and changed. He’s fifteen now and back like when he was young. I asked him if he wanted to minister this time, he replied “I thought through my teenage self-consciousness and determined in my heart that I am going to minister, as usual, whatever” and powerfully he did too.  

Ethan, now fourteen he was only able to be with us one day because of his parent’s marriage breakup his mother had to move the children to another town. This time was more for him than ministry, for the first time he was able to open up and share with me how he had suffered at the hand of his father and how it is affecting him.  

Ricky, thirteen small in size but big on smiles, sadly his father is in prison. He only gets to the meetings once a visit, he lives far away and his grandmother must do two, two-hour round trips to get him there and home and she can only do it on her one day off. Ricky responds for prayer and you can tell straight away tell that God has touched him. After the meeting, he desperately plus wanted to come again but his only slight hope was that his mother could be persuaded to bring him on Sunday but grandma didn’t give out much hope. God though responded to Ricky’s hearts cry. Two days later was grandma’s birthday and right out of the blue and never done before her boss at work gave her the day off on full pay.  Now free she brought Ricky to the meeting on the one night I spoke on the Holy Spirit. Ricky was first out to receive and instantly flowed in tongues, doesn’t that sound like God at work? 

Anna, eight she’s one who has come on and off in the past this time she was there every night. She radiated Jesus but so wanted more she was out almost every night for prayer. Her mother told us when she picks her up every night Anna sits in the car and tells her all she received from the meeting.  

Keegan, he’s our eight-year-old disabled boy whose great grandmother brings him every time I am there. He used to have big heavy iron calipers on both legs and walked with a frame. This time he excitedly walked me to the front of the church and said right here on this spot last year you prayed and now I don’t use my walking frame anymore. The huge calipers have gone too and he has only small hard plastic ones and he walks, runs, jumps with his radiant face like any other child. He’s out for prayer every time but this time his greatest joy was to bring his twin brother Kagin to the meeting. Kagin is a physically normal child so his mother kept him and put Keagan up for adoption so he only sees his twin a few days twice a year. Kagin never goes to church but he was captivated the whole message and put his hand up for salvation. He stood and wanted his brother to stand with him but Keagan wouldn’t usually then the child sits down but Kagin stayed standing. I ministered to him and the first thing I saw was his face had changed. Up to then his face had been dead pan, long, straight and never changed, now he was smiling. He told me he had a lovely little feeling in his heart which he had never had before and he couldn’t describe it. I also witnessed in my spirit that he didn’t understand, it was totally new to him but he had received Jesus into his heart. For me at age eleven I went only one night to a crusade meeting and received Jesus it was real and I am still going. Afterwards, he was running, playing, laughing and having fun with the other children. His great grandmother was laughing and crying at the same time but added please pray for Kagin as the home he lives in is rife with the sins of Sodom & Gomorrah.  

Gods Love For The More Privileged 

Finally, the drop down to Southern Indiana and the Christian School where they see me as their missionary. The school returned early from the summer break so I could have a day sharing with the teachers then two full days with all the pupils. The school theme for the year is the fruits of the spirit which opened a great opportunity to further build into the pupil’s lives. The local church I am involved with this visit it was the pastor’s eight-year-old son Victor’s special time. He suffers from middle child syndrome, he has always been fine relationship wise but in the meeting’s, he’s been my test. This time in the final meeting it was his night. He sat on the edge of his seat glued to every word and at the end he was the first one up on his feet for prayer. After the meeting, I saw him sitting on his own looking at his bible and felt a strong urge that I should go over and sit with him. It was a walk of faith as I had no idea why I had to go to him, but as I obeyed God filled my mouth. It ended with him for the first time opening his heart and was crying in my arms. We prayed together and his face was a picture of joy as he walked away. 

Much love ~ David

PS – Thanks for your prayers and support.






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