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Children Respond in Rajahmundry, India


The Ark Orphanage 

 This India trip began with ministry in the Orphanage, near Rajahmundry which was my second visit. There was a great cheer as we walked in, all praise to God and the children exceeded that by soaking up every word. I would say they were hungry plus and at the end of every session, it was a total response for prayer. I tried every appeal to make them really think before responding and that they didn’t have to respond that they could wait and think more but they were having none of it they were up for prayer. The final session was very special to one hundred children from four to sixteen all glued intently to every word. I spoke on committing their whole lives to God, not just their hearts which is only a small part of them. When I came to prayer everyone responded as they had been doing so I had them put their hands down and went through everything with a strong emphasis on, you must think and make really sure you want to do this and still, every hand went up. Then followed an amazing time in the presence of God as my young team of students went in to minister to them. One tiny little fellow on the front row who was one of the youngest struggled with his eyes bless him, during the teaching but was determined he was not going to sleep. He responded then as soon as he was prayed for he sat down and immediately his head went onto the floor and he was fast asleep. By then it was seven thirty at night and they had been in school all day before the meeting. The first two days there was public holiday around Independence Day but the final day was school as normal.  

Village Outreach In Child Care Centres 

170831 David Abbott INDIA 1Next began five days of a new ministry. Two villages where many of the children from the old orphanage came from, now have child care centres instead. They have three locations in each village where any children come after school to do homework, have a Christian meeting and take home food to feed the whole family. For my meetings, all three centres in each village were put together in one place and over one hundred children attended each day in both villages. Most of the children were from non-church families, a lot from Hindu or Muslim backgrounds. Most had parents who were illiterate and or work long hours on the land leaving the children generally to fend for themselves. But each night those children even the youngest ones sat quiet and still and gave a beautiful instant response to the call for salvation. My student ministry team was kept very busy ministering to them but they felt they hit a brick wall in the children. The next morning, I woke feeling that even though they had responded they hadn’t come through to salvation because of very low self-esteem.  Some because they were continually told how bad and dreadful they were and they would never do good so when prayed for they felt that Jesus wouldn’t accept them. That night it was pouring with rain but very few were missing and everyone had to walk to the meeting! The, beginning of the meeting there was some restlessness because some adults were standing at the side and talking loudly while I was teaching. My interpreter, in the end, had to get angry with them before they would stop, the devil is never short of a trick to hinder. Peace was then restored to the rest of the meeting. I ministered on what I had felt that morning and everyone responded. The student ministry team moved in and when they had finished ministering I saw this amazing scene before me of children with glowing faces, the team had led them through to salvation. When I made the invitation for prayer one boy near 170831 David Abbott INDIA being prayed forthe back shot his hand up first before Samuel had even finished translating. My eyes lingered on him and I had this strong feeling from God that His anointing was on his life. I told Samuel I was going to bring one boy up so that I could pray for him and as soon as Samuel saw him walking down the aisle he felt the same as me. As we talked and prayed with him he responded positively to every word. The next day he told us that he had gone home and before he went to sleep he had talked to God about the call on his life. That final night I put him under the wing of one of the ministry team to help him to get involved in ministry. I spoke on how to walk with Jesus and when it came to the invitation for prayer. I had said if you really want to walk with Jesus knowing it will be hard sometimes. Samuel had only translated the first bit and all their hands went up, they were going for it. 

Going After The Wandering Sheep 

With children in school, I couldn’t have meetings in the day time but God had plans. We went out to the slums and villages looking for ones we had lost track of during the last year. One such person, we went many miles to his village looking for him, he was in fact away working in Chennai. But in seeking him we found two others we had completely lost track of. One who had left the orphanage eight years ago and he showed us his treasured file of notes that he had taken in my meetings back those years ago. He is going on great with God and went back with us to join the ministry team. The other left five years ago and he is teaching in the Sunday School in the church he attends. So exciting to see the fruit that has lasted.  

The one We Couldn’t Find Came Back 

The young man we originally went looking for, two days later he just walked through the door of the home. He had heard we were looking for him so he took four days off from his work and travelled back, he too joined the ministry team. Another one who left several years ago and was the one God used to instigate the hurt, pain and rejection seminars I used to do in the old orphanage when we discovered through a prophetic word that he had been seriously sexually abused before he joined the home. He was living in a hut in a slum and has struggled in many ways since he left but he is still free and has a radiant face 

So there we are another great and blessed time working with hungry and open hearts. Thank you for being such an intricate part of this trip in the vital part you played, may God richly bless back to you from His abundance. 

Much Love & Much Thanks ~ David


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