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Children’s Ministry in Norway ~ He Did It Again 


From the first meeting which was with a home group in Haugesund, I visit every year to share what God has been doing as they are a group of faithful friends who pray continually for this ministry. I also learned something there I never knew. The couple we stayed with who have known for twenty-eight years. Kristi ran the children’s ministry and I always thought that we were friends working together who had the same heart and vision for children. She shared that I was her mentor, I can only say this was a natural God-ordained relationship that He put together and we just did without putting any labels on it, surely that’s the way it should be.  

Stord Family Camp, Sounds A Bit Like Heaven 

One of the main events, the annual Stord Bible Centre family camp is best described by one of my friends who said, “it sounds like heaven.” It’s a busy but fantastic time with the children and youth separated for teaching and me doing both one after the other. The first night the meeting, just for introduction was from zero to ninety-nine years. The following six meetings was this touch of heaven, a presence I couldn’t describe in words but I had never felt anything like it before. The children and youth couldn’t be faulted on their stillness and attentiveness, hanging onto every word. The children found their own level, there was a group of eleven, twelve-year-old girls and a group of four younger boys. After the first meeting, the girls switched to the youth meeting and found their place there and received there, best to be where they can receive most. So, for most of the camp, we had a boy only meeting. 

God Has His Way 

The final meeting was very special, I hadn’t planned to speak on the Holy Spirit but I am glad to say that God did, He knows what I don’t. While teaching God steered me to the Holy Spirit and all four wanted to receive. With eyes closed and sitting all four put their hands up at the same time but one, he shot both up as high as he could get them then pushed down on his feet to push his body upwards. You could say that he was desperate to receive. All received but none spoke in tongues, I waited, I encouraged, I waited, still nothing then suddenly out of the blue they all began to speak at the same second no way were they copying! Then they didn’t want to stop in fact two were talking away under their breath in tongues while I was going through the does and don’ts of tongues. The boy who put both hands up is a walking miracle, he was born with a hole in his heart which the doctors thought was small. At the age of three, they decided to operate as he had little quality of life only to find the had a very large hole. Before I knew this the pastor and I had discussed that we both saw a strong anointing of God on him and God gave me a word for him.  

God Is There To Encourage 

The youth I felt this time was to be just a time of teaching for them. The last meeting God gave me prophetic words for two, one of the older youth, Hans Christian I had seen that his mother was sitting in at the back that meeting. As I shared with him I saw she was in tears, later over dinner she told us why. Evidentially two years ago I had, had a word for him the gist was that he would go through troubled times but God would be right there with him every moment. She said he gets on the bus every Friday going from his island to Stord for the youth meeting. Goes to church with the family every Sunday without question but he is going through the troubles right now. The gist of the word this time was of God’s reward to him and promised leadership in the natural and spiritual.  

The Best Advertisement 

The Wednesday after camp we met the father of one of the younger girls who told him she loved the camp. She took with her a friend from a non-Christian home who went to her parents and said: “I am going to that camp again next year.”  

God Concludes The Camp One Week Later 

The next weekend owing to a cancellation and then a moving of an appointment God had me stay another weekend with the Stord church which it soon became clear that He wanted to conclude the camp in the church. On Friday, we had a youth meeting where most of the fourteen there were at camp and this time God said to make an invite for prayer. All but two of the youth and all the adults there responded. It was a very special time —  a bit of heaven again.  

Saturday night I had two sessions with youth on the Island of Halsnoey. There just three came but one was the pastor’s niece who was at camp and she responded for prayer in that meeting, God also gave me a word for her at the end.   

Sunday, I went out with the children and three of the four boys who were filled at the camp were there. They were glowing and the children’s leader who sat behind them before we went out said for the first time they were really worshipping and praising out in tongues. They then sat and soaked up every word during teaching as did everyone, I was horrified when I looked at the clock and saw I had been speaking for way longer than I planned.  But not all my fault, God did add in a bit about the Holy Spirit at the last meeting. I made an invitation for the things I had taught on and practically everyone responded. Then God said, “now invite for the Holy Spirit.” Three responded so as is normal I had the three filled at camp plus a girl who was already filled and wanted to help, they ministered and prayed. The three wanting – received and all quickly spoke in tongues. The four ministering were so excited that God had used them. Also, too was one who got filled, during the refreshment time I lost count of how many times he said to me “I am so excited, I am so happy” and his face was glowing. I am not sure though whether he or his father was the more excited when dad was told about his son. I am so glad that God had His way and allowed me the privilege of being a part of an amazing conclusion to the camp one week later.  

The Young Generation Rising Up Into Their Callings 

Arriving in Bergen I was told two pieces very exciting news. The church in Stavanger which first introduced me to Norway over thirty years ago and I have been involved with since. The pastor is stepping down in the New Year and will remain there for advice, help, and guidance when needed. The new pastor is Christian who I first met when he was eleven years old and was part of the first wave of children I had there. His cousin Benedicta and her husband will become new elders and her younger brother also. As a girl, Benedicta was part of the second wave of children I had there. Of recent years I have worked with Christian and Benedicta as they have been leading the children’s ministry  

This children’s conference in Bergen this year has a new leader, Cathrine who has taken up the baton from her mother. Cathrine is another who has come up under my ministry when she was a girl. Her husband Steiner has recently become the pastor of their church and her burden is to get the women’s and children’s ministry running properly. She was before the conference believing it would be the launch for the new way the children’s ministry is going to go and by the end, God had done it. 

Clearly A Move Of God’s Spirit This Trip 

We had eighteen children and as has been true throughout this trip the Holy Spirit brought the immaculate quiet attentiveness and again it was awesome. None of the children had ever met me before but in the first meeting, only two didn’t respond for salvation, a new commitment or a clean-up of the heart. In the second everyone responded to be filled and by the end, all but one was flowing in tongues. One of the older ones didn’t speak until after I had gone through my do’s and don’ts of tongues and had them speak in tongues the final time without me. As my interpreter said, many faces were radiant afterward. When Cathrine went to conclude the meeting, she was so in tears of joy she found it hard to speak. Her two daughters were in the meetings and had followed their mother and spoke in tongues. She told me Sunday that her oldest daughter Hope aged ten told her, “Mum if my bedroom door is closed please knock as I will be praising God in tongues.” The children’s leader of another church joined us with four children and her face got more and more excited each meeting then was in raptures when all of her children were filled. Afterwards, she said that she had been praying and longing for this sort of thing for children for a long, long time. An older boy who clearly didn’t want to be there and initially sat at the back facing away from us. His father almost dragged him up to sit with the others then sat next to him while he slouched in his seat the whole time. The second meeting the boy came back in on his own and went straight to the front row. He responded for prayer and when we went over time his mother came and took him out but a minute later he came back in on his own and stayed to the end. A four-year-old girl was there because her grandparents were looking after her as her parents were working and grandma was my interpreter. She sat there through everything and on the way home granddad asked her which part of the day did she liked best. It wasn’t the food or bouncy castle she said” it was when the boy was teaching us”. (I like the boy bit). Grandma rang on Sunday morning to see if she would like to come with them to their church and she bounced with excitement saying, yes very loudly.  

Sunday all the children sat at the front and when it came to the challenge for prayer the children’s hands were up and straight on their feet before the adults were. God gave me prophetic words for two children, Cathrine’s daughter Hope and a boy whose family I discovered have only been in the church for six months. The boy was fighting tears at the front but had to let them go when he sat down. The pastor was so elated by the conference said that next year he wants the conference to be bigger and longer and including other churches. 

Much love ~ David

PS – Your support and intercession means so much!


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