A New Door Opens in Indiana, USA


A New Door Opens

As usual, I started with a few days visiting friends before going onto Indiana. Then the first tweaking, normally I arrive in Sheridan on Saturday but for some unknown reason to me, I arrived Friday. So I attended a prayer meeting that night which I have never been to. The leader there got excited about my ministry and to cut a long story short. He heard me speak on Sunday and by Monday I was invited to take a family service in his church on Thursday had lunch with both the leader of the children’s and the young teen ministry.  This was good news to me as I’m always looking for God’s hand of favor and an opportunity for a new gathering of children, hungry for God.

God Continues His Work In Individuals 

The children’s teaching week in my host, usually God homes in on one or two specific children for the whole week. But this time it was a different child each night and strongholds in lives where broken as God worked. Ricky who I shared about in July’s report had his prayers answered again. He was with us as usual on Monday his grandma’s day off where he became the third youngster I am training for ministry in that church. Then on Thursday and Friday, his grandmother got through her workload extra fast so could do the four-hour round trip to get him there. Thursday, he was due to have dinner with his unsaved grandpa which is a highlight of his week, but he asked grandpa if he could can so that he could be in the meeting to which his grandpa readily agreed. The twins (again I gave their details in July’s report) by an intervention of God were both with us for three of the day’s. Keagan the semi-invalid still walks without his frame and callipers. Kaidan when it came time to go home to his mother he got very upset, so his mother agreed for him to stay with his twin until Christmas to which Keagan shouted out “God answers prayer again”. There are strong indications that the boys will be able to stay together permanently one being Kaidan has a weak bladder and often bed wets. When being cleaned up marks were found on his body which he says are from the whipping he gets for bed wetting. Kaiden’s face is still radiant from when he became a Christian in the July meetings where it instantly changed from the sad expressionless face he came with. Monday night was his night for God to home in on him, then he responded for prayer. Abby also had her night, she is a very mixed up little girl with a terrible home background. She opened like a flower in spring her face likewise completely changed. The final night was awesome, our biggest attendance and a big reunion. Ethan and his siblings were with us, they live too far away to be with us all the time. The presence of God was so strong, you could visibly see Him working in each one making loads respond at the end. It was a thrill to see for the first time all three trainees, Ethan, Andy and Ricky standing side by side ministering to those who responded.

The Bridge Ministry 

For the second time, I ministered to a group of non-churched young teenagers in a coffee bar outreach called The Bridge. I prayed quietly while the leader went through what he had to say as the youngsters were backbiting, shouting at one another etc. The moment I spoke the first word the Holy Spirit came, and you wouldn’t think these were the same people. They were completely and utterly still their mouths never opened once and they followed every word. Afterwards, two of them told me details of what I had taught in July. During the meeting, I had already felt that God was working in them but this was not their time to responded.

The School Outpouring 

My final week in the Christian School where I had a precious time seeing God pouring out the oil of His Holy Spirit in every class with only one slight exception. One of the high school classes has a “pastor” for teacher and he doesn’t believe that certain parts of the bible are relevant today. But had those He touched anyway. I spoke in every class every day except for one. That day a teacher was off sick, and I was given her classes as well. Instead of me going into every class I was housed in one room all day and the children brought to me. Usually, I get breaks of different lengths between classes but this day I had five minutes enough to get one class out and the next in. Needless to say, I was tired at the end of it but fulfilled and thrilled at the extra opportunity I had to build into their lives. They were wonderfully responsive and open to respond for prayer and there was yet another special presence when we prayed for them.

Much Love ~ David


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