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Here begins a New Year and as always there’s the thought “How can God ever do anything greater than he did last year”? This year the thought was even harder as last year was such an amazing year where God did way greater than I could ever ask or think. But as I am sure you can guess, He went and did greater with among other meetings four children’s conferences in three weeks.

Tasmania, Tamar Valley The scene was set beforehand when I met one night with the intercessors and the next the young leadership team. The young leaders were open and honest as they prayed for each other, so they set out a clean and anointed team. Zach who we have been following has had a very tough year but hung in and excelled in his ministry during the conference. We had seventeen including the ministry team of five (they were responding for themselves as well as ministering). The presence of God was so strong every meeting and you could hear a pin drop as the children literally soaked up every word. All but one responded every meeting even though the challenges were tough one’s fitting into the theme of; Having a pure heart, keeping it pure not defiling it with sin and living to please Jesus. We literally saw children change in front of us.

The final session on day one had them kneeling at the front before God, something you expect for the end of a conference not half way through. The young ministry team were kept very busy, but they loved it and as the pastor said in the Sunday service they grew in maturity and oneness as a team. The oneness was beautiful to see, they prayed individually but when the last in the line was prayed for and others were still praying the who had finished joined the ones praying so no one had finished until the last one had finished. We saw sign’s following the teaching of the word. I mentioned that as the children live out the theme miracles will happen without asking. A girl came to the conference limping on a very painful ankle which she had had for weeks. She just opened to everything and by lunchtime, she was completely healed (No one prayed for her), running and jumping on that foot and still was days later.

Tasmania, Hobart  Another very hungry group of eighteen with more young teenagers than children. The same rapt attention and the first day all but one responding for prayer every time except for one but he has had an exceptionally tough year. Day two, the first sessions less responded but the challenges were tough, and I was glad that they were really thinking before responding. The final meeting again all but one responded to be filled or get back tongues and all, but one did flow beautifully in tongues. One boy who was filled last year but didn’t get tongues this year instantly we prayed he flowed in tongues and looked up with a glow on his face as did the others.

Tasmania, Scottsdale  A very special little conference with just four boys aged seven to thirteen, but they were the hungry ones. They were hungry too, I could literally feel them drawing God’s word out of me, a very unusual but wonderful feeling. Then you couldn’t keep them down when an offer for prayer was made. I also felt very strongly that God is saying to them that they are all trainee leaders. Sunday in the family service the boys were my ministry team and the youngest boy came with a scripture God gave him for the meeting and he was spot on for what I was going to share. Jayden the oldest boy, he last year told me he would love to preach but only had half a message. No problem he preached his bit and I did the other half. During the year he has gone onto preach full messages several times and he sings in the church worship group.

Mainland,  New Gisborne with fourteen children. With the theme of water, they were full of life during activities and free time but glued to every word in the teaching. The spiritual theme going deeper in God and by the end, I think everyone responded to something and most responding for everything. When I prepared I had no idea that there would be a little group there who are about to go to High School this January and the teaching was just right for them and what they could face. I laid out clearly God’s way ahead and they all said yes God we want to do this. Two boys came aged about eight and ten and not from the host church. They, re so ultra-shy they literally clung to their mother like glue the whole time. In one session they stood for prayer which was a huge thing and breakthrough for them. I watched, and it wasn’t mother who sat between them who said or did anything to get them to stand, this was completely their own choice. Sunday morning, I went out with the children which was their final meeting of the conference. The children were so hungry for God that no one including me noticed that my teaching went on longer and so we finished after the adults did. All but one responded for prayer which was to make a final commitment to all God had said and a promise from them to go out walking with God and with the Holy Spirits help to work out the things He said.

Mainland, Diggers Rest  There was also a follow-up for three children who attended the children’s conference the weekend before. Two girls around eight years old became my ministry team. God has spoken to me about them during the week as I prepared so the only notice they had was ten minutes before the service started. Their response, without stopping to think, a big smile and a yes. They were brilliant, praying so loudly that everyone in the church could hear. Because of this, I knew that they were praying from their hearts and what God was telling them to say.

Thanks for all your support!  Much love ~ David


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