Opposition to the Gospel in Indonesia


Trip number two for the year and this one was very different. There was the continuation of God moving in a new way that we have seen for over a year but also big change and sadness. An apt picture of this trip I think would be a trip like a bitter sandwich, two pieces of good fresh bread and a filling of burnt ashes.

The first slice of fresh bread

In a young teens service where the church has completely separate meetings for different age groups running simultaneously. I would say there was thirty to forty hungry teens there. They had an amazing time of worship where you could see and feel the Holy Spirit moving among them and I was able to flow in on that and see the Spirit continue. The teens were so hungry they were drawing the word out of me so when it came to the challenge for prayer everyone was on their feet. While my Japanese ministry team moved among them ministering to them I was able to share prophetic words with two after they were prayed for.

The burnt ash filling

The school in the slum where we have ministered for five years and I refer to it as the place where hidden away we are building a great and mighty army for God. Sadly, things have changed there and to cut a long story short God has been kicked out of the school. What a situation, what were we to do? Every one of us felt for the children’s sake we should go ahead and hard as it was TO not use the name of God or the bible. I was reminded by a friend that our mouths are gagged but not our hearts and the children have enough of God they will feel what is in our hearts and respond to that and God would do the work in them.

Indonesia - David Abbott Worldwide Childrens Ministry

Little diamonds in the ashes

Each day we had two school years of children so every day we had children who had been in our meetings before and received Jesus and had hands laid in them many times for different things. By the time we got to years five and six, they had been with us all five years. It felt like we were walking through burnt ashes but when we looked more closely there were little shafts of light bursting through the ash from the little diamonds saved by God.

Day one, two years ago we gave everyone in the school a t-shirt with the words revealing Jesus in three languages written on it. One boy didn’t wear his school uniform that day but wore his t-shirt. As soon as we walked in his face beamed and he put his thumb up. He sat glued to every word and looking at his face you could clearly see what and who is in his heart.

Day two, one boy came wearing his Jesus t-shirt under his shirt but as soon as school was over he took off his shirt revealing his t-shirt. During the break, yesterday’s children discovered we were in school so two boys, one who wore the t-shirt, and another skipped the rest of their lessons and joined in with us. I should really have sent them off, but I couldn’t find it in my heart as they were so hungry for more.

Day three, now with the oldest ones but still one girl whose face told she belongs to Jesus she came wearing her t-shirt in the open. Then in the break four boys and two girls from the classes the day before found us and they skipped their lessons to be part of us. Examples of the many little diamonds God has in that school. We must pray now that like God sent the raven to feed Elijah during the famine, so God will somehow feed these precious ones during their spiritual famine. Don’t let any be lost Lord because of man’s wrong decisions.

The final slice of good fresh bread, (this time a thick slice)

Out of a chance meeting by one of the team came a last-minute opening into another Christian school, one not related to the slum school. This one caters for those on the opposite end of the spectrum, the wealthy ones. We had all of the primary children as the principal said, the older ones often get a visitor but the young ones never do so as my ministry is to children they could have a treat. Afterwards, everyone was happy and later we got the word that the school is open to us next year to do as we like. In fact, it seems that some of the children want me to be offered a job there so that I could teach them all the time. I am honoured with the compliment, but!!!!  

The final meetings, a second meeting with the young teens I ministered too earlier in the trip and a supposed youth meeting in another church which became a family service. God moved in freedom there and many responded easily for prayer. Then a bonus on the final Sunday. A group of youth had joined us from another church for the Saturday night and then their pastor asked me to preach at his church. A brilliant time was had and God gave me a word for one boy.

Much love ~ David





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