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The Gospel Had Never Been Here


What can I say after this amazing trip to Mexico but, wow what a privilege and honour that God should send me to such poor and isolated but wonderful children. We went to at least two villages we know where the gospel has never been before.

Our Mission Field

It was a fifteen-hour car journey from the boarder with the States to Sierra Madre Mountains where we were in some of the most breath-taking scenery of majestic forest covered mountains and valleys. As we traveled from village to village only when there was a break in the trees could you see that the road was right on the edge of huge high mountains.

Abbott - Mexico 180601

Arrive & Go

After the journey almost straight into the first meeting. I visited this church last year where the building was just a tarpaulin over a pole. We moved all the children to the front as mothers and grandmothers often came to the meetings with the children. Over thirty children responded for salvation and this year we improved meeting. After I had finished all God gave me to do then my missionary friend would come and give a short exhortation to the adults and then invite them to receive Jesus and everywhere they responded. He said he had to say little to the adults as God had laid it all out clearly for them as the children were taught.

The Gospel Had Never Been Here

The next meeting held in the centre of a little village they told me later was the first meeting of a new church plant. This was one place where the gospel has never been before, and twenty children responded for salvation and at least two you could tell on their faces after prayer that they had definitely met with God. The final meeting that day was in the village where last year the children’s meeting was the first for a new plant and this year there were around twenty adults who have joined the children during the year.

Abbott - rocky road

A Long, Great Day

Sunday morning, we didn’t go to a church building but drove three hours to a square in a town surrounded by little houses and trees in for shade. Over fifty mostly un-churched children gathered all standing scattered and squashed like sardines to get into the shade and over twenty-five children responded for salvation where again you could pick out those who had really met with God. Sunday night was very special, after an hour and a half’s drive we came to a small scattering of houses near the top of a mountain. As we drove in children came from every direction running after us until we came to a simple little church building. With over forty children gathered, we understand this was most of the children in the village. They were like hungry lambs sitting wide-eyed taking in God’s word and then all but forty responded for salvation. Here the pastor was so excited and thankful when he saw God moving and didn’t want us to go. But insisted we left with a gift of a bag of big juicy mangos for the six of us, picked fresh from his trees, much like the widow’s mite.

The Word Confirmed

Another place, a church only five months old and thus far only four or five gathered. There were twelve children and just about as many adults there that night. Every one of the children responded and when they looked up from praying they were laughing with joy, a sign this was God as no one told them how to react after prayer. Here God gave me a word for one boy, I told my interpreter and said this is the one and she said I know God told me. We found later he is the son of a musician who came to help us.

We Thought We Were Lost!!

I finish the mountain ministry with an amazing case of God ordering His way. The day we arrived in the mountains we got lost and were in fact going down a rocky road on the wrong side of the mountain. The pastor asked a local man the way and he asked what we were doing there. When told he said, “down there are five communities with no churches and some very bad people who need you”. So, the day before we left we went down to that place and had a meeting which was the first meeting of a new church. That was an adventure, first the pastors’ van, a big old American thing got stuck trying to turn around. Just imagine, you have a solid wall of rock behind you, a drop of thousands of feet in front of you and all you are doing is sliding! We got through that and halfway there our vehicles tire hit a sharp piece of rock and there was an instant blow out. We all piled out and into the pastor’s van which had a solid wooden bench running along the sides to sit on, no windows and 50c heat outside. We arrived somewhat saddle sore and cloths soaked from head to foot with our own sweat. (Someone didn’t want us to go there!!) We stopped on the road above a cluster of houses where there was a big tree for shade and set up the van benches under the tree. The children and adults were really scared of us to begin with, they peeped around the bushes but the moment even the Mexicans went towards them they ran away. So, we started up music and singing and slowly they began to come out of hiding led first by an eleven-year-old boy called Daniel. Three of us believe that, that boy is going to be a key person in God’s work there in the future. Finally, twenty-five people of all ages sat before us and I shared a simple gospel message using the side of the van to stick my whiteboard too. These people had never heard the gospel before and they all sat spellbound listening and watching every stroke of the markers. At the end all five children responded for salvation and one teenager. No adults responded (a little child shall lead them) but one man afterwards said he liked what he had heard from the bible and he wanted one of his own. Needless to say, Daniel was the first one to put his hand up and on his feet at the front to be prayed for.

A Paul For Today

The final meeting of all, a family service in a Mexican church in Laredo, Texas (still needed my interpreter). I asked for the children to stay in the Pastor said fine and good luck with that! There were twelve children who a lot were bad during worship but during teaching they were faultless and all twelve responded plus two adults to be filled. All but one child (youngest) and two adults got tongues. Before the meeting, God gave me a prophetic word for an eight-year-old boy, as I thought of the word and saw his behaviour I thought have I made a mistake? He is number three of four brothers who were all trouble plus, church members went to sit with them to no avail, the pastor’s wife took this boy and sat him by her where he spent the worship time making rude signs behind her head. My hopes rose during teaching as he sat glued to every word, he definitely had his eyes closed when he put his hands up to receive. All the children freely put their hands up but couldn’t stand but this boy was the first to finally stand and then the first to speak in tongues. As I shared the word his eyes watered, and tears flowed down his cheeks. Afterwards, he worshipped with the church, again his eyes watering. When we asked his name he said Jim, but everyone calls me Peter (Prophetic). Later the pastor told me more, the boys have no father, they live with their mother in an apartment complex. The pastor’s wife collects the boys every Sunday for church but this last week she said she wanted to stop as all they do is fight and mess around in the meetings and Jim/Peter is the worst behaved of all. The pastor said let’s wait until after this Sunday when I was there and pray God will change them especially Jim. Sunday, he said God answers see he is weeping before God. What the word said and the above I felt like Ananias who God sent to Paul in Damascus to set him free and commission for ministry. Here was Jim /Peter a Paul for our time. Why me Lord, what a privilege.

As always, thanks for keeping up with the ministry and for your support.

Much love ~ David


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