David Abbott

Thank you for visiting the blog of Worldwide Children’s Crusade.  This work is truly all about how God the Father is moving through the children of the world through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Knowing firsthand what it’s like to be rejected as a child and totally without hope, the Lord Jesus has allowed me to see countless lives transformed through straightforward preaching from the Scriptures.

The style of ministry He has called me to involves returning back to places I’ve ministered, in order to build upon what the Holy Spirit has accomplished over the months and years.  What an honor to see young ones grow up in the things of God and walk on to know the Lord in productive Christian lives, especially in the context of a local church.

With total and complete loving support from my excellent wife, Barbara, I thank God for the privilege of serving the Lord’s precious young ones.  

~David Abbott


David Abbott is English and has been working with children in a Christian setting since 1971.  He is married to Barbara and they have two grown up children, Jason and Ellie.

He is a part of local church life in St Austell, Cornwall where he lives and where he is an Associate of an Evangelistic Organisation called Good News Crusade.  He worked fulltime for this Religious charity for 16 years before moving out into a wider ministry.  David is related to Bethesda Ministries International (a group of Pastors, mainly in Australia, a couple in Great Britain and several in third world countries).  They all have different ministries and look to work alongside churches to give encouragement.

David’s work has been varied over the years.  His aim is to support and work with the churches and Christians that he goes to.  He teaches children within churches, works with parents and trains children’s workers.  Twice a year he spends a week in a group of schools in rural Norfolk, England.

He also does a lot of work supporting missionaries and local workers especially in the Far East where he has travelled extensively.  At the moment he is involved on a yearly basis in England, Australia, Japan, Philippines, Malaysia, Norway, Mexico, India, Haiti and USA. David is involved in outreach work in various countries especially in the USA and India.  He is involved with ongoing work in an orphanage in India and working out from this has been involved in whole village evangelism.  He has helped missionaries to plant children’s churches in the Philippines, some of which have now grown to include adults and young people.

David’s work within churches often takes the form of a children’s weekend or camp.  This is a time where children can get away and combine fun and fellowship with times of teaching and worship.  Alternatively some churches have a series of after school meetings, again hopefully combining refreshments and fellowship with teaching and worship.  This tends to be ideal for evangelism; starting the week teaching the church children and then as the week progresses encouraging them to bring their friends along.

He has built up a slide collection for each country he visits and has used these to great effect in many schools in England, in order to give children here an idea of the life and culture in other countries, as well as showing some of the work he does.

David’s vision as far as the church is concerned is to see that children are a part of church today as children, not wait until they are adults.

David believes that today is a special time for children.  Many of the end time prophecies over the years, many through people with no ministry to children, have spoken of a mighty move of God through children.  The Bible says in the last days God will pour out His Spirit on our sons and daughters.  David believes in different ways children will lead us adults into the blessings of God.


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