Mexico Children’s Ministry

This trip was in two parts, the majority with us staying state-side as we have the last few years and going back and forth across the border every day. The final days were in the middle of Mexico in the rain-forested mountains with indigenous native Indians who rarely get any visiting ministries.

Picking out some highlights. The first meeting set the taste buds going when they told me there was over one hundred children in the meeting and seventy-five responded for salvation. Fortunately, we had a team of seven Mexican ladies helping us. One day when we had two meetings and the rain came down in torrents all day, few parents had cars so the children had to walk. But still there was forty in one and thirty the other and most responded for salvation in both. Then God rewarded their diligence when in both places the presence of God was so strong after praying with them every child just stood in awe. God is always the rewarder as the young daughter of one of our helpers called Nicole found out. She was a Christian and had come to help but in the second meeting, she felt God pulling on her heart so went forward and God gave me a prophetic word for her that left her in tears of joy. One of the day’s we had a cancellation God sent us back to a church where last year the spirit fell and the children started praying for one another for over two hours. There and another place we felt to teach on the Holy spirit and the response was great and many were definitely filled but they had hang ups over tongues and only a handful in each place did speak. One of the places my interpreter and I came under attack from the enemy during the teaching time so someone was upset at what God was doing! Ministering to the poorest of the poor is always close to my heart so a meeting in a squatter’s camp hit the spot. A big crowd of children gathered and three-quarters found their treasure in God. From there straight to a meeting in a different part of town and though these people were poor they looked quite affluent compared to where we had come from. This meeting was special because God gave me a very special prophetic word for one particular twelve-year-old boy called Joshua. I didn’t know until afterward that he was the pastor’s son and my interpreter had dedicated this boy when he was born. Joshua had been glued to every word and came out to commit himself more to God. You could see a powerful anointing was on him and feel it too when I went to lay my hands on him. The word was about some of where God was going to take him and do with him under this anointing. On receiving this word without us saying anything God filled him and he began to speak in tongues for the first time. With this, he just melted as the spirit of God hit him and was lost in God for a good few minutes. Later his father confirmed the word was definitely from God as Joshua was living some of it now and he could see the rest coming. To complete the blessing my interpreter told me that soon after dedicating Joshua he lost contact with the pastor and only earlier this year by chance he bumped into him in a shop and this meeting was booked. God moves in mysterious ways His wonders to perform. A first for me was to speak at the first meeting of a new church plant beside the prison. There were just five local people there, more of us than of them. But God sent us there for a family of three, mother and her two young children. All three responded for salvation none knowing the other had put their hand up. After ministry, the mother was in floods of tears, her daughter who had a most beautiful smile anyway but then she was glowing. Her son, on the other hand sat through the meeting with a scowl on his face making it clear he didn’t want to be there. Then after prayer, he had a huge smile on his face, all three said they will be attending the church from now on.

One of the places my interpreter and I came under attack from the enemy during the teaching time so someone was upset at what God was doing! Ministering to the poorest of the poor is always close to my heart so a meeting in a squatter’s camp hit the spot. A big crowd of children gathered and three-quarters found their treasure in God. From there straight to a meeting in a different part of town and though these people were poor they looked quite affluent compared to where we had come from. This meeting was special because God gave me a very special prophetic word for one particular twelve-year-old boy called Joshua. I didn’t know until afterward that he was the pastor’s son and my interpreter had dedicated this boy when he was born. Joshua had been glued to every word and came out to commit himself more to God. You could see a powerful anointing was on him and feel it too when I went to lay my hands on him. The word was about some of where God was going to take him and do with him under this anointing. On receiving this word without us saying anything God filled him and he began to speak in tongues for the first time. With this, he just melted as the spirit of God hit him and was lost in God for a good few minutes. Later his father confirmed the word was definitely from God as Joshua was living some of it now and he could see the rest coming. To complete the blessing my interpreter told me that soon after dedicating Joshua he lost contact with the pastor and only earlier this year by chance he bumped into him in a shop and this meeting was booked. God moves in mysterious ways His wonders to perform. A first for me was to speak at the first meeting of a new church plant beside the prison. There were just five local people there, more of us than of them. But God sent us there for a family of three, mother and her two young children. All three responded for salvation none knowing the other had put their hand up. After ministry, the mother was in floods of tears, her daughter who had a most beautiful smile anyway but then she was glowing. Her son, on the other hand sat through the meeting with a scowl on his face making it clear he didn’t want to be there. Then after prayer, he had a huge smile on his face, all three said they will be attending the church from now on.

Part two though it involved some sacrifice and for us it was so special. We travelled by road twelve hours south of the boarder with the USA, further into Mexico than I have ever been before to go to indigenous mountain rain forest people. The vehicle we used ran by faith being well past its sell by date in a complete state of disrepair and potential danger. It was well over loaded with passengers (eight of us in a five seater), luggage and donated gifts but praise God the only thing we suffered besides a distinct lack of sleep was a tyre blow out. Delayed now for three hours owing to the discovery of no jack or tire wrench!! But we made it and walked straight into the meeting. The church was a patch they had cut into the side of the mountain with a small wooden hut to store everything and a long pole jutting out from its roof with a thick plastic sheet over for a roof and no walls. The children sat on wooden planks held up by concrete blocks. We discovered on arrival the children had sat and waited three hours for us to come and some of those the pastor told us had walked two hours through the forest to be there. The little church building was packed solid and I had children standing behind me while I preached because there was nowhere else for them to go. Adults and children all responded together for salvation and so ministering to them individually was impossible because they were packed so tightly together so we just had to pray and commit them into God’s hands. Our accommodation was one of their homes, a fifteen-minute walk down the mountain on a slippery wet zig-zag path with chunks of rock sticking up every so often to help you grip. The hut was half concrete block half wooden with a grass roof and dirt floor. The food was cooked over an open wood fire, we all sat watching the wife cooking homemade taco’s when suddenly a hen ran into the kitchen grabbed some taco’s in its beak and ran at hot speed out again. We were destined to no showers or shaving for three days.

The next day was an outreach in another village a bit higher up the mountain which was another new church plant. This time though there was a big group of children and a few adults all of which the pastor said were all from that village and unsaved. The meeting was in the open air at the side of the pastor’s hut where there was a semi-circle of trees where I nailed my white board to the trunk of the tree and the people again sat on wooden planks. Over three quarters responded for salvation and so began a new mountain church. From that we had an uneventful overnight ten-hour journey back to Monterrey, arriving at 8.00am grabbed a few hours’ sleep before the final meeting of the trip. Carefully planned by the pastor, he had the Sunday service first then sent the church member out onto the streets to find and bring in children. They gathered a huge crowd, a few were a bit unruly but the majority listened to every word then almost all responded for salvation. There God not only gave me words for a couple of children but also a fifteen-year-old youth one of two from the church who went with us to the mountains to help. At the same time, God gave another American with us a confirming word for him.

As always, your support means so much to me.




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New Gisborne and Tasmania


Special To Me

The first, a family service in New Gisborne. The other concluding the children’s conference in Tamar Valley, Tasmania. They were special because the communion part of the services was led by young men who have come up through the children’s conferences as boy’s. Each preached a mini message before serving and both were bold, confident and had the anointing. Meshach in New Gisborne spoke on, Christians need to repent and left no one in doubt about its need. Meshach is in his early twenties and a missionary in Vietnam along with two other young men from the church Shaun and Nathan who came up through the early camps. In Tamar Valley Sam spoke on, what is communion leaving everyone knowing exactly what they were about to do. Sam is eighteen and an apprentice builder but I strongly feel that this will be (as Paul tells us) his tent making tool as Sam has a very strong and clear calling on his life. I feel it such an honour to have had a part in helping to equip those young men’s lives and their ministries.


Tamar Valley, Tasmania First Conference

There the leaders all said it was probably the best of the nine conferences we have had. The blessing was invoiced beforehand when we met one night with adult intercessors and another with the young leadership team. Both teams were on a roll before we started the conference. The young leaders just naturally carried on into the conference rolling upwards and onwards, excelling in everything they did. We ended the first meeting where one expects to finish the last with everyone at the front on their knees before God.
Continuing Zach’s ongoing testimony from previous reports. He’s now fourteen and told me that he so wanted to go on a mission trip with the church to the Philippines that he went out and got himself a part time job and saving every penny he gets for the trip. He has grown in confidence, before when he prayed for someone that person could barely hear him. This year all adults commented he was praying so loud anyone could hear.
We had twenty this year, smaller than before, but they had clearly been chosen by God. They were ready to go so it was common place for almost all or everyone to respond for prayer. Maureen the conference leader who’s a great indicator of God’s presence because she weeps especially when she sees God moving and children responding. She wept four times in one day, a record even for her.

A First Time

When children share things from God anywhere I usually need to put it altogether and show them the complete message. One meeting almost everyone had something to share and I was about to ask one to start when a different boy jumped up to share. Fine, he shared then I asked a girl to go next and she said ”no I want to go last”. Okay, so I just let them all share, when they finished, the message was complete and in the right order. The boy’s being the introduction and the girls the conclusion.
Sunday Double Blessing

The morning in the family service six children, including two visitors shared mini messages making one complete message then they prayed for those responding. That evening in another church only three of the young leaders could be with me. I felt God say I wasn’t to speak but the three would then everyone was to come out and all three together would pray individually for everyone. They gathered around one waited in silence until they heard from God prayed. I followed them listening and they were praying prophetic prayers over everyone, new step forward for them all.


Hobart Blessing

Twelve children there were from mixed churches and backgrounds but they all just carried on where they left off last year. Two boys new this year picked up and ran with the rest eager to catch up, only one other didn’t respond for prayer. The children brought the presence of God into the meetings with them and we saw gifting’s and ministries developing, a worshipper, a preacher etc. One young teen, Hamish had me emailed ahead to say he wanted to be baptised and would I baptise him. To ensure he knew what he was doing I took the first meeting to speak on baptism which resulted in the youngest there, Joy deciding she wanted to too. Hamish is one I had a prophetic word over in the family service three years ago. Hamish shouldn’t have been there as the family were away on holiday. But his friend who knew me told him about me so he told his parents he had to be in the meeting hence the family returned home early, so good when God is at work. He has the tape recording of the word I had for him and he transcribed it onto paper and it’s on the back of his bedroom door so that he can keep reading it. Last year at the conference he was filled now he wanted the next step. He insisted his girlfriend came to the conference and she loved it responding in every session. If the relationship continues they will make a lovely Christian couple and I think she will fit nicely into the call on his life. The baptisms were in the words of those who joined us on the beach, a very precious and special time. Then in God’s sense of humour it ended amusingly at my expense. Just as we got Joy’s head under the water a big wave came in and I was pushed off balance, I couldn’t right it so the next wave pushed me over and the third one went right over the top of me pushing me flat.


Scotsdale’s A Preacher Is Born

One meeting I overheard Jayden telling his cousin that he really felt God wanted him to preach and he had prepared half a message but needed someone to do the other. His face said this was a cry from the heart and I wasn’t missing that so the outcome was he preached on Sunday morning to everyone. He’s is a budding preacher, he quoted scripture with all his points, was confident, bold and his message flowed. Above all you could see he so enjoyed himself, at the end God gave me a word for him. After the service, we all went to a park for a picnic but first Jayden got a copy of the word I had for him went home and put it onto his tablet. He also asked the pastor if he could be more involved more in the church.

His Presence Was Awesome

On the mainland, the final conference was amazing. I was warned some could potentially cause problems, especially a seriously autistic child. God the peacemaker went before and a mark of this conference was the presence of God in every meeting and a stronger and more powerful presence in the final one. Every child was awesomely quiet, still, attentive and almost all were very responsive. For me there were five second generation children from three families, in each case, it was their fathers who were in my meetings when they were young.

The final meeting was a grand finale with God so strongly there then a new stronger awesomeness came with the challenge for prayer. It was a tough decision and those who did respond meant every step they were making. Four of those responding were second generation children and their parents were in raptures.

As always, your prayer and support make it all possible.  If you are an intercessor, please use this report to stand with me for continued spiritual growth.  And let me know what you’re sensing in the Spirit.

Much love — David

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Back in the USA 2016


Well here we are having just finished my final trip for this year and a different trip it was. The same moving of God we have seen all year was there but the outworking was different.

The US Presidential Election

I was in The USA for that, and one can only say it had to be God who put the winner in place as literally everything was against him. The reports are that Donald Trump has gathered many born-again Christians around him and his Vice-President. My feeling is that God is raising up the Vice-President as a Daniel in our time. Daniel in the Bible went into Babylon with a heart determined to serve His God in that land and that he did. I pray that this man will be prophetic and as Daniel was and that Donald Trump will be like kings in Babylon and listen to him. So, the day after the election God let the children show the way things need to go when in the Good News Club in the local State elementary school. Of the thirty-five present, nine responded for repentance and they were mainly the older ones and ones who were not there last year. A little child shall lead them!!!!


A Change In Atmosphere

In my host church, up to the election it had been a little tough going as the ones who came were mainly below the age I usually start with. Of the seven on the first day five were five years old and under, later we began to get more older ones and we reached fifteen over the week. This meant preparing anew as the series I had prepared was over the heads of the younger ones. After the election, the whole atmosphere changed and God began to move and yes in the little ones too. One night as we closed one of the leaders felt we should lay hands on everyone and pray a blessing over them. As we did, the disabled boy who came in the summer and was saved and filled with the Holy Spirit, had a face like a ray of sunshine. He was visibly soaking up every word of the prayer and speaking away in tongues. By the end of the week, the little ones had responded for salvation and made their first steps an older one was set free from not being able to see or feel how God could love him. Others made steps closer to God.

The Disciples Keep On Going

One young man was in the meetings with me all week and helping in ministry some though he is struggling a bit in some areas of his life. Another young man, unfortunately his family has had to move to a town two and a half hours away. His mother had to work on the Saturday so he was only able to join me in ministry for the Sunday morning service at the end of my visit there. He was right there on the ball ministry-wise as usual and he has proved God in his new school. He has made a number of good type friends in a short time. He also joined his school football team and despite the law there being separation of church and State, he asked the coach if they could gather around and pray before they started the match and the coach agreed for him to do it. He is not shy but not your most extroverted person either, which is very encouraging as he nailed his colours to the mast from the start in front of all his team mates.

God’s Time For The Christian School

The Christian School was an amazing week, it’s an outreach centre as not all pupils are from Christian families and the others are from all different denominations. This year for the first time I spent the whole week teaching in all classes every day and they have everyone from pre-school to the end of high school. Whenever I am there I am always given the freedom to make an invitation and pray for anyone, any time but I have never felt freedom from God to do so until this time. I felt this was God’s time and as the week proceeded that was certainly proved true. In every class, the majority responded for salvation or a heart clean up including the high schoolers. In fact, the high school teacher was excited that he didn’t have to give out a single demerit the whole week which is unheard of. The presence of God was there and they were captivated by Him and almost didn’t move a muscle. Many responded for other things in their lives and to commit themselves to wanting to go on walking with Jesus, despite the cost sometimes. A bonus this year was a lunch meeting with all the staff and time afterward to teach them how to lead the children spiritually in the school. The principal wanted everyone involved with the pupils to hear so she had all the volunteer helpers who are in at different times there, too. They are definitely a group of people called by God and they responded with such excitement and enthusiasm to all I shared. Later I had so much positive feedback about it and not one negative thing. The children there have great potential and opportunity to be the army God is raising up in that area.

In Conclusion

So, there you have it, what a year and I have only been able to share with you the bare bones of what God did everywhere and sometimes even that made the report long. Rock bottom, I am really lost for words to properly describe what God has done and is raising up. Next year is another year and God will be moving on to the next step, I am excited to see what that is and the fruit it produces. As always, your support of me in prayer, intercession, and trip expenses are the backbone to the ministry God has entrusted us with. You may not know, but I normally book a year in advance to get the best rates on travel. Sometimes that catches up with me at year-end, as I believe God to make up the difference. Many places I travel to are Third World countries, including orphanages. None of the churches are large, with large budgets, but none of that has ever mattered to me, as my calling is clear to GO and minister to children as needed. Thanks again, for your faithful support. My contact info is here>

Much love ~ David

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Norway and The Faroe Islands Ministry


Norway and The Faroe Islands certainly continued in what God is doing but also went from glory to glory. Starting with a bang at a church camp in Norway with children and youth who are hungry, open and love to be in meetings. They were in meeting as soon as the bell sounded, no arguments or attitude and didn’t care when we went over time they were there to meet with God.

The meetings were in two age groups and both you couldn’t fault the way they sat and soaked up every word. The children’s first invitation for prayer every one of the boys responded and the next almost all the boy’s and some girls. The youth’s their first session I found myself straying far from my notes into what seemed to be the prophetic so in the next break I went to my room and spent the time seeking God. He confirmed what I had thought and also that He wanted to continue, so I could only go and be obedient. The next meeting was the children’s one where all the boys responded which afterwards Andres the middle of three siblings whose parents are going through divorce, he asked me if he could also be in the youth meeting. I was happy but not sure he would be able to handle it the way God was moving. Not only did he handle it but it was clear that God put the desire in his heart because the message God was speaking specifically spoke to him. He came out for prayer with the youth where the invitation was for those who knew clearly that God was speaking about them. God gave me a word for him about a strong call on his life that He was going to confirm to him again in other ways because he had always as far back as he could remember felt God had something special for him. He and his mother who was sitting at the back in tears, confirmed this was so.


The youth were just gathering in the room for their final meeting when word came that one of the boys had, had an accident. A top doctor there from the church examined it and suspected a broken toe. Instantly the room emptied and us looking out of the window we saw this cloud of youth burst out of the door bare foot on wet gravel gather around the car the boy was in and prayed. Ten minutes later they were back in the room sitting attentively waiting to start. The hospital confirmed that there was nothing wrong, we believe he did have a broken toe and God healed it as the youth prayed. The boy is from a non-Christian home but told the pastor later that he desperately wants to go back next year.

God continued orchestrating His plan on our journey from camp on the car ferry. After boarding we went upstairs to the cafeteria for coffee and my friend was gone ages. The lady on duty that day was a lady from a church on another Island. Ten minutes later she came over to us, she had rung her husband and arranged for a gathering in her home of the children from their church later in the trip. That meeting was definitely a God thing and a double blessing to the mother who arranged it. There were six children of varying ages two were her son’s. Over the years I have spoken in many little house meetings like this in Norway and this one has to be one of the best. I had two sessions and their parents were there too and they were amazed at how quiet and still they sat paying full attention. One father cheerfully said they don’t do that for us. The second session four out of the six responded for prayer for assurance of salvation their hands going up instantly. After praying God gave me words for the oldest two. The lady who arranged it was so excited (double blessing), two who responded were her son’s, one who got a word was her eldest. After the meeting the youngest son (eight years old) went into the kitchen and said “that was great mum”. Went back into the sitting room got his blackboard and chalks and was drawing my stick men and giving a little message. His mother said that board was in the basement for years and never touched and the chalks had never been used.

In 2012 on the Island of Halsnoey we had a one off children’s meeting. Only a small number attended most from one family because grandma rounded up her grandchildren. One of the grandchildren God gave me a word for as he came in the door. I felt to keep it until the end, meantime observed a boy who intently listened to every word and responded for prayer. Afterwards his mother asked why her son was the only one I had a word for and I could only say because God only gave for him. She then told me that he didn’t want to go to the meeting so she said he should because God might just have something special to say to him, that was a word from God. His grandmother recently told my friend that, that word so impacted his life that he has never looked back since. Now as a mid-teenager he is the only Christian in his classes at school but he stands boldly for God in spite of the persecution he gets sometimes. There we see again that numbers don’t count with God, its people, its children that do.


This year the meetings on The Faroe Islands were on the main island in a bigger church with more children but organised by the same couple as last year. The weekend before the camp the couple’s eldest son Isak aged nine went and testified raising the excitement level of the children by sharing how last year’s camp had totally changed his life and how exciting it was speaking in tongues and being used in the gifts, the leaders became expectant too. So this year Isak and his closest friend Elias were the ministry team. It was a very busy time with ten meetings in one and two half days with fifty children divided into two groups for teaching, seven to ten and eleven to fifteen. God warned us ahead to watch out as the devil was not happy and the first meeting he struck. It was the only meeting where both age groups were together and some parents got upset while the children had no problem at all. Almost all responded for the need in these days to have real assurance of their salvation, so many I had to get help ministering to them as it was too many for the boy’s alone. Later many said they now really knew that Jesus was in them. God showed us how to deal with that, the next morning we had the whole team working there together, we prayed had an amazing worship time and then no more trouble.

Teaching on the Holy spirit many were filled in both groups, the younger group only a couple didn’t speak in tongues the older ones everyone did. The older group a girl was so tense she was stiff as a board so didn’t speak the moment she relaxed she was off. While a boy couldn’t because of his low self-esteem, a little talk and he just began to flow. As he left the meeting he walked over to me couldn’t speak a word of English but he gave me a huge smile and squeezed my arm, I believe that was his way of saying thank you. The final meeting, I spoke on giving their whole lives as an offering to God for Him to use as he wanted then tried several ways to dissuade both groups not to respond but they insisted on everyone responding. In the teens group I had hands up then down tried again to dissuade them but again everyone responded. As far as I can remember God gave words in every meeting and I don’t think I have ever had so much and the kind of feedback as I did this time. A father told us his teen son didn’t want to attend but dad said he would, after the first meeting he was the first to respond and God gave me a word for him, me knowing none of this beforehand. After that he told his dad I am fine now I want to go! After one meeting two said “that was the second time they had been given that exact word”. Another the leaders sat in floods of tears as the word God gave exactly described that child. The leader recording the words said she just had to send off immediately two words by SMS to their parents because they were so significant later the parents called back in tears. During a time in the presence of God I had a word for one and not wanting to disturb went unannounced to him to share it. Part of the word said to keep holding his hands out to receive more of God’s anointing. Two boys behind who were completely lost in God and so hungry, thought it was for them so immediately shot their hands out like rockets. I thought nothing more of it until next morning in the family service. I was giving my introduction and God pointed out the same three boys sitting in the same formation and said “now, emphasising the NOW (as I usually give individual words at the end) bring them up here I want to speak to them”. As God spoke the two faces were radiant and one had watery eyes, (these were young teens). I believe God was saying to them that He never leaves the hungry to go wanting or empty, they were still beaming when they left the church. God only knows His purpose in choosing to give those publicly.

The young teens final meeting was so special they just didn’t want the meeting to stop, we had worship which was awesome, I spoke and they all responded. As I prayed the presence of God filled that room even more and when I said the amen no one moved, they stood eyes closed hands held out. I needed to know from God what to do so they just stood in silence for ages. Then God led me to move among them giving words as He directed, still no one moved. God led me in several other ways, still they were totally lost. Eventually I felt I had to close though I get the feeling they would have gone on for hours more. Even then one I had a word for he just flopped down onto the edge of his seat hands still with palms up and eyes closed and stayed that way until the leader concluded and everyone slowly started to move.

As always, your support of this work touches my heart and His.  Thanks!

Much love ~ David

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Ministry in India, then on to Uganda


Twenty Years in the Rajahmundry orphanage

Big change is taking place in the ministry in India and my whole time there changed only days before I left home. God, I believe has made it clear that the orphanage I have ministered in for twenty years is to relocate.

Children's ministry - India orphanage

When my pastor friend in Australia, John Barnes first planted the home twenty years ago it was located in on the rural outskirts of Rajahmundry. Now a four-lane highway has been built at the front of the home which took away some of the land and now  a building has put it in the middle of an industrial area. So with decreased land size and thick diesel fumes being pumped out of old clapped out trucks twenty-four hours a day it is not a good place for children to grow up. The changes work together for our good and the land has become prime land and heavily sort after so the plan is to sell that and buy a much bigger plot outside of a village where land is very cheap. The only hurdle is that they can’t buy until they have sold. So the home has closed temporarily and alternative measures set in place to cover the children until a new home can be built.

Children's ministry map - UK to IndiaI love looking back and seeing God’s planning. I was together travelling with John twenty years ago when he started the home and have ministered in it every year since. Now as we move into phase two of the orphanage ministry I am again with John but this time more involved in setting it all up. God’s aim in this I see is that I am now partnering with John, the Australian team and our friend Samuel Babu, director of the ministry in India. This makes me very happy as the orphanage is a place where my heart is.

Each morning I spent ministering in a new orphanage run by Samuel’s younger brother. The ministry and responses from the children were so in line with what God has been doing this year as I shared with you in my last report. I started a stranger to the eighty plus children but still right from the first message and onwards everyone responded for prayer and nothing we said would deter them. Everyone had eyes tightly closed during the invitation and as they stood. When teaching on the Holy Spirit and even more so during the praying for them the presence of God was awesome and you could see by their faces that they were experiencing it too. The rest of each day was spent working on getting a clear plan set for the future of the orphanage and seeing the temporary things set up to cover the children.

In the past few years, we have had thirteen young men, eighteen years old and onwards who have grown up in the home, coming back to help me and have me input into their lives. Most of them are fruit from the rejection and healing seminars I do. This year it was twenty and I felt so touched and honoured that they gave me this place in their lives. They did all the one on one ministry at the orphanage and helped in many other ways. Different ones had to leave at different times because of getting back to college or job’s, some left for lectures and came back when free and the final eight told us they made phone calls to change things so they could leave after me. What an honour!!

One of those was Subash who was the reason I first started doing rejection and healing seminars in the home every year. While ministering to him God showed that he had been abused by multiple men before he came to the home. He opened for ministry and saw a lot of deliverance but when he left the home he cut himself off from us. But I never let go of him in my heart I hung onto him in regular prayer as I knew he was very vulnerable out there in the world. This year out of the blue he came back and in a meeting just for these boys. Subash was listening intently and giving me eye contact then, at the end he came for prayer and his radiant face came back.

Here’s a photo of some of my young men. From the left, the first is Subash, second Naveen and in college another set free from sexual abuse, third Kota who from the start always looked on me as his father figure.

David Abbott - ministry in India 2016

Kota graduated from college in April and immediately he got a full-time job with good pay, he is from the lowest caste, the untouchables and by that should not go to college or be employed but God has done it. Next Aakash, when he was young the day I left he would hang onto my waste crying his eyes out. He still hangs onto me when I go. Bandi always did and still does call me his best friend. Finally, Smiler (not his real name but I can’t see him as anything else). Before he was set free from hurt, his face was dead serious and he never smiled and hugging him was like hugging a lamppost. The moment he became free he looked up and he was beaming from ear to ear and still does every time you look at him.

Salman another of my boys his father is a chronic alcoholic and so there was no money for him for the bus fare to join us so we went to where he lives to fetch him. It was quite a long way away and the scene we saw was heartbreaking, such poverty in that slum, words can’t describe what we saw. His father wouldn’t come out to us at first as he was a bit the worst for alcohol and this was early afternoon. When he did he looked a mess and his face covered in scars from drunken fights. Salman isn’t an orphan but his mother who is a sweet tiny lady had him and his older brother put in the orphanage because when the father is drunk he verbally and physically abuses the boys; there are younger sisters but he doesn’t touch them. Also, the mother has no money to feed the children properly because the father takes all to buy alcohol. I gave Samuel some money to buy the mother a 25 kilo bag of rice for her as I can’t give her money as the father will take it away from her. Salman’s face lit up like a beacon when he came out and saw us standing there. He really loved being in the old building with us and with the other boy’s and he was brushing away tears as we drove out of the compound to take him to the bus station. Please pray for Salman as Samuel and I feel that God has a special plan for him in that slum. We feel that as soon as the orphanage is rebuilt we will again rescue him and get him through college so that he can earn a good wage. With that, he won’t have to live there again but will be able to go to be used of God there. The hindrance to this his father who wants to use him the same way he does his older brother. When there is work on the land he sends the brother and then takes all earnings away from him to buy his alcohol.

Moving on to Uganda

Children's ministry from India to UgandaOnwards then to Uganda and in keeping with God’s moving, we all felt that this was our best camp so far. We had the biggest number, last year we had eighty children at camp and this year it was one hundred and ten without helpers. The children were so obedient (Ugandan children usually aren’t so), open to move with God and teachable. Any correctional points I made they changed immediately. We had a young and older ministry team, the young ones were all new to the team and everyone was an orphan from a very bad background. The older were a group of older girls who have been on the team from the first camp. One of the younger ones, very small for his age was so excited at being asked to join the team you would think we had given him the crown jewels. Another, Brian – he’s nine, an orphan living with a very elderly grandmother and two cousins. His grandmother at her age can’t cope with bringing up young children so she always calls him a naughty boy. He isn’t really, he just craves love and attention but he does so love Jesus and he is amazing to watch worshiping. With his whole body, he reaches out to God and almost immediately gets lost in His presence.

Uganda children's ministry 2016

Brian and his friend Timwa worshipping


Both my missionary friend and I felt that God wanted Brian on the team and giving him responsibility a few hugs every now and affirming him often as being a good boy, he just excelled in every way. We all saw the children visibly change as the days went by, faces that on arrival were long and expressionless took on big smiles. Dull eyes sparkled, those not already in the meeting room ran in as soon as the drum sounded. The third day we had the moist awesome worship time I have seen in all the camps, almost everyone was on their knees, tears flowed from some and they were being led by some of the youngest in the camp. We concluded camp with the usual baptism service where fifteen were baptised, some had only been saved and filled during this camp.

So, different but still the same, amazing time we’ve seen all year so far and I trust the end is not yet as we still have quite a bit of the year left to go. So thank you so, so much again for your invaluable part on this trip. Together God used us to reach some of the poorest and lowest of the low children with the exciting message He has given to all so far. God excludes no one whoever they are, whatever culture or background. And I’m grateful for that!

Much love ~ David.

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USA & Bolivia Ministry to Children



The trip this year was in reverse order so the start was in Indiana and from the word go God was again doing His new thing. The annual children’s worship and teaching week was definitely quality and not quantity. For the first time came little seven year old Reegan brought by his great grandmother. Reegan has cerebral palsy, he walks with the aid of callipers on both legs and one crutch, he has a twin brother who is normal and living with his birth parents while they put Keegan up for adoption. The weekend before our start his adoption was finalised by the great grandmother’s granddaughter. Put that aside he is a radiant glowing little boy who I first met last November when in the Good News club in his elementary school I had the privilege of praying for him to receive Jesus. He recently told his great-grandmother that since November he has felt great all-over. He was so hungry for God, the first night his hand was up to receive before I had even finished explaining what we were praying for then up again when I had finished. After praying for him with a glow on his face he said, “My heart feels wonderful.” His adoptive mother is not walking with God so he’s not fed all the right wording so what he describes each time is exactly what he feels as he has real experiences with God. At the end of the meeting God gave him an amazing prophetic word, not for healing but experiences he is going to go through with God and the ministry that will lead him too, this had him bouncing on his seat.. The next night he was out again and this time, the presence of God hit him and he had to be assisted to his seat saying “this is amazing, this is amazing”. It was also Kynan’s special time when he was very young his mother was sent to prison for several years and he coped with it by locking up his heart. For years he has had an expressionless look on his face and denied who he is by always role playing some mystical super hero. He could go through a whole week of meetings and not respond once and if on an occasion he did when you laid hands laid on him you could feel him resisting. Not this time, he was out for prayer every night, there was no resistance, his face changed a degree each time until the third night when while praying for him God gave him a prophetic word which he acknowledged. As I was praying for him I suddenly saw him without me telling him too hold out his hands open them, symbolically giving God the key to his heart. When I finished praying his face for the first time in years looked normal. The rest of the time he was out for prayer almost every day and now you could hug a normal boy and not a lamp post.

The two boy’s in training Ethan now thirteen and Andy fourteen again made new steps by moving into prophetic praying. It began when we were speaking at a family service in a neighbouring church when the pastor and his wife came for prayer. They said nothing but when they had finished the pastor grabbed the microphone and said, “Wow that was amazing they knew nothing but were spot on.” Another lady who had come out for healing came afterwards with tears down her face saying they had prayed for her need but then went on to pray about things they knew nothing about. Later on Sunday at the host church even though a lot of adults were out for prayer I felt they had to pray together for each one as they are more effective that way. This time I watched the faces of those being prayed for and for everyone there came a point when huge smiles came across their faces, clearly the point the boy’s became prophetic. The teaching we did three way with my goal that in November I will do much less, them more to the end they do it all. In fact the pastor and I are looking forward to the day when we sit in the service and do nothing and the service is taken completely by three young people. The pastors youngest daughter, fourteen has been helping her father with worship for some time but been very shy about it. She too made new steps this time and on Sunday she was singing and playing her guitar out loud equal with her father for the first time.

I had probably one of the best times in the Christian school for a summer break, the children’s hearts are now well prepared for the week I will spend with them in November. God has given me a bonus too, the principle asked me for November if I will also have a meeting with her teachers to teach them how to reach and lead children spiritually. She wants to be more effective in following up after my visits as she now looks on my visits as us partnering together in the ministry in her school, I find that a great honour, praise God.


Childrens ministry Bolivia 2016Bolivia began with a challenge when I arrived and my luggage followed forty-eight hours later. That no way affected the continuing flow of God’s spirit and blessing. In the orphanage (The Arc) there are eleven new boys this year all rescued from a Roman Catholic home that has closed. Those boys aged six to eight to compound the bad start they had, had in life they had never gone beyond the grounds of the home from the moment they entered it and the only ones who got attention from the staff was the one who shouted the loudest. Church meetings to them were something ritualistic and boring so a place play up as much as they could. The staff in the Arc have worked hard with them and in the second meeting, almost all of them responded for salvation along with some of the original ones who needed a spiritual clean up. From then on they were glued to every word and out every time for prayer. In the church family services, they told me in advance that the people had a real high expectancy for God to move and He certainly didn’t let them down. For reasons beyond any ones control my visit had to be at the end of July rather than the beginning, the beginning is a school holiday. In spite of school the next morning they were in the meetings every night in bigger numbers than usual and their children there too. The responses from those for prayer from all ages was bigger, faster and more enthusiastic than ever.

Childrens ministry in Bolivia 2016

There were two special meetings. One when I spoke at the opening meeting of a youth camp in the foothills of the Andes. We sat in the open air on big logs around a campfire, cold on your back and warm on your front and the oldest boys from the Arc were among those there. When it came to the prayer time all but one stood to their feet, I prayed then as God gave me one long prophetic word for them all an awesome feeling of the presence of God feel like God giving them hugs. The second in the arc when God was giving words to three of the original boys who are among the most vulnerable and needy there but ones so desperate to walk close to God. Each word was different though about His love for them and more. As I gave each their word they moved their head forward and tucked it into me as if they were receiving that hug from God, their faces were radiant as they left the front.

Much love ~ David





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What God has been Doing and will be Doing in Children in 2016


ONE ~ Raising up a great and mighty army

2016 David Abbott 1Not an army with gun’s and tanks going out to kill and destroy but a huge great number of children and young people who will go out living for God and for righteousness, who live to please God and who God can use now and in the future. Not necessarily going out preaching or carrying a huge bible but those who when others look at them they see Jesus. By the way they live, the things they do and don’t do others will see that they are different. These will come from places, peoples and situations we least expect as well as from those we do. This is illustrated in the story in Ezekiel 37:1-14.

In Ezekiel’s valley were a mass of completely dried out bones, in other words completely useless. God said can these bones live, Ezekiel’s reply “you know Lord” in other words, I can’t see it but you can do it.

God said to him speak to these bones, he had a hard choice but he did it and so opened the way for God to do the impossible.

The second time he was told to speak to the bones was easier and so on so the end result the bible says was they stood up a great and mighty army.  So this great number that God is raising up many will come from the peoples and places we least expect, they will be the ones we least expect, the ones deemed useless and hopeless just like a valley full of dried out useless bones.

They will be the ones like Ezekiel who will say “I can’t,  but you can, God” so they will show the power and glory of God by allowing Him to do the impossible through them. They will make the bible live today.

TWO ~ Those who will be prepared to learn to recognise the voice of God and listen.

2016 David Abbott 2This is illustrated in the story of the young boy Samuel in 1 Samuel 3:1 – 21
Israel was in a very sad place where it says that “messages from God were very rare and visions were quite uncommon.” Isn’t that like the times in which we are living now?” Where even many of our, in quotes Christian leaders have lost the ability to hear the voice of God through the written and prophetic word much like Eli? In the midst of this God raises up a young boy who is different. He starts off a trainee of the priest Eli doing probably manual menial tasks in the temple. One night Samuel and Eli have laid down on their beds and a voice calls Samuel’s name, he doesn’t recognise God so thinks is Eli and rushes to him. Eli sends him back to his bed saying I didn’t call. This happens three times and finally, Eli realises it must be God and tells Samuel what to do. Let’s think as far as scripture lets us there was only two people in the temple, Samuel and Eli so if it wasn’t Eli? The fact it took God three times of calling for Eli to realise it was God points to the fact that Eli had lost the ability to recognise the voice of God. Samuel didn’t recognise Him either but that wasn’t his fault he was only a boy, a trainee, Eli had failed to teach him to recognise the voice of God. So what did Samuel do, went back to bed and did exactly what Eli told him, no questions, arguments etc. He just went back and did what he was told and God spoke clearly to him. Following this the bible says in 1 Samuel 3:19 that Samuel grew and the Lord was with him and we see that a mark of Samuel’s life throughout was that he always recognised and heard the voice of God.

So this great number of children and young people who God is raising up will be a generation that learns to recognise the voice of God and listen to him.

THREE ~ They are the ones who will make the right choices (God’s Choices), not necessarily the ones their parents did and will act on those choices.

2016 David Abbott 3This is illustrated in the stories of two generations who arrived at the river Jordon had the same message from God but made different choices and reaped the fruit of those choices. Found in Deuteronomy 1:21 & 1:26-28, then in Joshua 1:10 &:16.

The first generation (Moses Generation) were a generation who knew the power of God from the plagues in Egypt etc. They had the word from God to go in but looked at it through their natural senses and said no God we can’t. Forty years later the children of the (Moses Generation) the (Joshua Generation) stood in the same place their parents had and had the same message just different wording. Nothing had changed in the promise land to when their parents stood there except that God (In Quotes) made it harder to decide because the bible tells us that when Joshua got to the Jordon it was just after the rains had come and the river was deeper and wider. But this generation’s answer was “we will trust you and do what you tell us” and in saying that to Joshua their leader they were saying it to God.
So these that God is raising up are those who will make the right choices even when it doesn’t fit into the understanding when those before them or even their parents have made the wrong choices they will still make the right choices, God’s choices and make the bible live.

So putting together the three thoughts, we see a picture of what I see God has been doing so far this year and I believe will continue to do for the rest of this year. It is the thing I have been talking about and praying for, for a number of years and I am now beginning to see it happen. I believe this is only the first steps and more will follow after this as more rise up to take on the challenge. So what is it we have going on?

God is raising up a generation of children and young people who are the ones we least expect, the useless and hopeless ones coming from places and situations we least expect. But they will together make up a great and mighty army (great number of people) who will show the power and glory of God by allowing God to do the impossible through them and so make the bible live. They will recognise the voice of God and listen to Him and those who make the right choices (God’s choices) even when it doesn’t fit into their understanding and when those older than them or even their parents have made the wrong choices they will make the right ones.

Much love…


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