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2017 Japan & Malaysia Children’s Outreach


This trip to Japan was again, Wow!!! But wow in a different way to the other trips.

Children’s & Young Peoples Day

This day was like Joshua going into the promised land, God had prepared the way beforehand. We had twenty-four there, more young people than children but most of those were ones who had been with me since they were children. They were hungry and ready but still not to make any offer for prayer until after the last meeting. Each session built on the other and the response when I did make the invitation was almost everyone. All the way through it was clear God was saying what He wanted. I had spent hours preparing but it was like that was just to prepare my heart then most of what came out of my mouth was not in my notes. The next day in the family service I hadn’t planned to make an invitation but God did and everyone of all ages responded. As many of the younger ones were at the day event also God was further building into their lives.

Golden Week Family Camp

One person rightly described the meetings, “we were on Holy Ground.” There was just over fifty at the camp and half of those where children and young people for me. We praised and worshiped together then separated for teaching. Usually that doesn’t work well for me because the young ones often don’t enter into worship with the adults then there is the disruption while they move to the room. But that was not so there, they entered in and were still in the presence of God when we got to our room so I could get straight into the teaching. For me there was one humbling and somewhat embarrassing moment when the pastor introduced the two speakers. Both of us had been there many times but when I was introduced a big cheer rose up. Keeping it in perspective though, in Japan there is a huge difference between the generations. The older ones are very shy and reserved but the younger ones are very outward going. The teaching again only bits of my notes were used as God filled my mouth it with what He wanted. There I felt my job was to prepare them, get them seriously searching their hearts and examining their actions because God is going to be challenging them to make some very tough decisions in the near future that may well change the direction of their lives. I only made one invitation for prayer the whole time and that was in the middle of the camp. The presence of God was awesome in every session and my main interpreter, a lady who I have known since she was born and had been my interpreter many times. She said she has never heard me preach like I was this time and she got excited and emotional at times while interpreting. In one session as I was speaking God brought back to my memory a very simple word I had been sent and He impressed upon me now was the time to share it as it.

God at Work in a Special Way

One church was a long journey away using three different trains and requiring me to get up at 4.30 am and I didn’t get back to my accommodation until 8.00 pm but it was well worth it. We had a family service where one boy who was under age at only five years old but God was working in him. He reclined on his father lap throughout the message but was listening intently. At different times, he would sit bolt upright looking intently at the board and listened even more intently. Before the service, he spent most of the time with me which his father said was totally against his character as he is very shy and won’t go near people he doesn’t know well.

MALAYSIA ~ Holy Spirit Encounter Day

First, two brilliant days in the biggest Methodist church in KL. my third visit and by far the best. Friday night was children’s leader’s seminars and thirty attended, at the end everyone wanted prayer and two were filled and three got tongues for the first time. Saturday was, Children’s Holy Spirit Encounter day. This year other Methodist churches were invited to join in and some did so we had one hundred and seventy, seven to twelve year olds all day. That church has a main service on Saturday evening so the rest of the children from that church joined us for the last session when we had over two hundred and fifty. In three session’s every time it came to prayer between the different things they were responding for very few were left sitting on the floor. First session had two groups for prayer, a big group for a new anointing and equal sized group to be filled or needed tongues. While I prepared the second group the children’s leaders prayed for the first group then when I was ready all who wanted to from group one came and prayed for and led through those in the group two.

Last year many shared in the gift s for the first time but had me share it for them, this year they pushed the boat out and most came to the front and shared themselves what God had given them. One such boy who through the rest of the day showed that he had a strong anointing from God on him. But he said I am not sure if this is from God or my thought’s, I said share and what he had was a word of knowledge of which eight children responded to then he and others prayed for them.

The final session with all the extra children in, the leader felt I should recap on the Holy Spirit and give others opportunity to receive. The result was another big crowd wanting to be filled and a few from the morning who needed tongues. Then there were so many children who wanted to pray for them that the adult leaders were not needed to pray just walk around and check out those who had been prayed for, the result was everyone had been led through by the child who prayed for them. As the leader rightly said that corner where the praying was going on was a powerful corner, you could feel a very powerful presence of the Holy Spirit that sent tingles all through you.

God can make a way where there is no way. One mother from another church said that her pastor wanted a spirit filled children’s work but the church board would not allow it and the children’s leader is very against it. When asked, how come you are here, she said my pastor came to my house and said that I should bring my son so I did and his two friends too. All three where filled and spoke in tongues were praying for others in the last session and one of them brought a prophetic word.

Prophesy Fulfilled

The family service in my host church was exciting not only were most of the church out for prayer. They came out dry eyed but before we got to pray for them the Holy Spirit had got there and they were in tears. Also, they have a new pastor and he told me that I had prophesied this call on him when we was eight years old now he is thirty two, married and has a small son.

Orphanage Adventure

Finally, I spent five days living and ministering in an orphanage. They had there seven children who are native Malay’s from the jungle, lovely children but uneducated when they came there. God had me there more for individuals rather than the mass, for a lot their English was very poor and though they were perfectly quiet and still they were not understanding. In quietness and watching the illustrations I believe that God was ministering to their spirits such as He wanted. Some that God began working in. The star if you like! A fourteen-year-old boy called Khoo Chen. He was in the home when I was there five years ago and was saved, filled and has continued to walk with God ever since. He was the only one who responded the first night and from then on was continually asking honest questions about walking with God. He seems destined to be some sort of leader. At dinner one night completely of his own doing he stood up and said to the older ones. Tonight, we have tuition and our bible teaching how many are going to join me in going to the meeting and miss tuition, four boy’s followed him. In this day and age that is a huge thing to do. From his sharing he is not ashamed of the gospel at school. One day he was worried about his exam that day, assuring me he had revised well we prayed and that night he came in with a huge smile on his face saying it was easy. That prompted four other boys to ask me for prayer and they came back with the same glowing faces. The knock on from that, one of those four who had kept me at a distance began to open up to me. Finally, Morgan one from the jungle, he too had kept his distance until one day there was only him and his brother in the home and we were sitting on the floor playing a game and through it he gradually he opened. The result, he was very hurt because his father had remarried and the new wife didn’t want the boys hence why they are in the home.

Much love ~ David


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Ministry to Children – Preaching the Gospel – not just Children Bible Stories


Roger Holloway

Roger Holloway

Children Ministry ~ It is an honor to serve God by publishing the Abbott Ministry blog of ministry to children around the world. David Abbott has over four decades of children ministry in the local church, orphanages, and street ministry on most every continent. People often wonder about giving their money for ministry to children, and I want you to consider David Abbott’s children ministry today. Beginning in 1989, I began to invite David Abbott to the local church I pastored in Indianapolis to do a Children’s Crusade, not just children Bible lessons, or children Bible stories, but real Children Ministry in our church. He gave of himself in such a powerful way, and he does that still today as a true missionary to the nations. To prove that point, take a look at his worldwide children ministry itinerary.

New to Children’s Ministry? Watch the video “Vital Qualities for Children’s Workers” >

Ministry to children — So, when I asked David about his ministry to children, here is his reply.

“Ministry to children has been my calling and my life since I was sixteen years old. I was called by God to this ministry when I was fifteen and a half and began when I was sixteen. I have been doing this for forty six years and in fifty five different countries and there is no other age group I would rather work with. Children are our hope for the future and without them moving in God there will not be a church tomorrow. They are part of the church today and our leaders of tomorrow.”

Keys to children’s ministry? I also asked him about why he uses the preaching of children Bible stories in his crusades, instead of puppets, clowns, and props.

Ministering to Children“Children Bible stories are an important way to teach as it achieves two vital goals, one it teaches them the word of God and two as you APPLY the bible story to their lives so it moves them into and on in the kingdom of God. Earlier this week I was teaching in a Christian school in Indiana and later when I read what the pupils wrote on Facebook it was all about the application the their lives they picked up on. Children want the word of God not just stories because they have a simple faith and trust so find the word works for them and makes being a Christian fun. So when they think of the bible story they automatically think of the application to their lives.”

Welcome to Children’s Ministry! His response to why children Bible lessons with straight-on teaching the children the Word of God has been effective for over four decades.

“Just giving children Bible lessons is like regular school on Sunday and just gives them head knowledge which gets boring. Children today like hands on things that they can be actively involved in and applying the word to their lives and seeing God work makes it hands on for them. Entertaining them misses it too as there is no way we in the church have the money and resources that the world has so we miss the mark completely. I use the most basic approach, I teach the word of God as you would to adults only using simple wording they can relate too and visualise my teaching with simple stick men and lines that I quickly draw as I go along on a white board. I am no artist either but even children in Japan who are the most highly educated race in the world and the most high tech and they love my illustrations. Visual aids are vital because we know that children understand and retain more when they both see and hear something.”

How to encourage children’s ministry workers? Just listen to his vision for children ministry (which is unchanged since he began in the 1970’s).

Responding to God's Holy Spirit in prayer

Responding to God’s Holy Spirit in prayer

“Children ministry in the church is vital as it equips them for now and the future. If done the way I believe the Bible shows us then it equips children to live an active walk with God now. It recognizes the giftings and callings in their lives so that they can be developed while children. My goal when working with any children is to make myself redundant to them. So they have an alive daily walk with God and can stand on their own two feet in God when I am not there. In raising up gifting and ministry then have them doing all I do and more so they do the preaching, leading of meetings, make up the band and worship leaders and do the one on one ministry for those who want prayer after teaching. It is all done under my covering and I am the one who has the authority and the leader but under me they function in ministry. Today in one church I go regularly I have two boys aged twelve and thirteen and in the children’s meetings they do all the one on one ministry, teach the bible verse each day. In the family service on Sunday my last two visits the twelve year old preaches and the thirteen year old draws the illustrations for him as he goes along. The pastor of that church told me the other day that when the twelve year old stands to preach he doesn’t need to rant, rave or shout to make people listen when he opens his mouth he has an air of authority, leadership and humility. Afterwards they both lay hands on all who respond and pray for them. It’s not only preparing children for future ministry but also to stand a Christians in the workplace. Since the general election in England in May there are two men in the inner cabinet of government (the leaders), who have come up under my ministry since they were very young.”

My conclusion — and hopefully yours — is that supporting children ministry throughout the earth is a great way to help build the kingdom of God here on earth and throughout eternity by supporting someone who has consistently been a missionary and evangelist to the nations for so many years (try traveling from UK to India to Uganda for children ministry!). Or, just doing ministry in Mexico and Texas can be powerful!  And for me, as a pastor who has witnessed the lifelong impact David Abbott has made in the lives of children, I continue to support his work and hope you will, too.

~Roger Holloway

David Abbott Indonesia Children MinistryPS — You can CONTACT David directly for your support of worldwide children ministry giving with a check made out to DAVID ABBOTT. Why? This is not a large ministry with a staff. It’s just David and his wife Barbara who live on a shoestring budget. You’re welcome to contact them for a reference from the small local church they worship in.

But don’t look for a large organization! And due to the charity guidelines in England, he has found it best to have checks made out to “David Abbott”. But I have found that wiring children ministry support directly to him is the most powerful way to support his work, using XOOM.com (part of the PayPal family). The $5 charge to wire funds is fair and reasonable. Reach out to know more.

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